Seat Protectors At a Glance

Caregivers often ask if it’s safe to use a seat protector between the vehicle seat and the car seat.

Our stance on this issue? Avoid using a seat protector if at all possible. Why?

Our article on Seat Protectors takes an in-depth look at the issues and offers some information on keeping your vehicle seats neat and tidy.


Chest Clip Myths Busted

We’ve all been there.  Parents post a cute picture of their cute baby on Instagram in her car seat and the Chest Clip Brigade starts in with murmurs of, “Gently, mama, her chest clip needs to be 3mm higher on her chest or your baby will die in an accident.  Don’t you love your baby?”

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Graco Turbobooster Recall

Graco has issued a recall for the Turbobooster manufactured from December 22, 2015 to April 5, 2016. This is not a life-safety recall. You may continue to use your seat. The manual omitted the required directive to secure the seat when unoccupied to prevent it becoming a projectile.


Safety 1st Grow and Go EX Air Review

In recent months we have welcomed two new seats from Safety 1st: the Grow and Go, and the Advance EX 65 Air +. Both of these seats are innovative: the Grow and Go replaced the widely panned Alpha Omega with a seat that functions well in all three modes (rear facing, forward facing, and booster), and the Advance Ex 65 is a truly long lasting seat with generous rear facing maximums of 50 lbs and 49″.


2015 IIHS Booster Ratings

Since 2009, the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), has been annually releasing their booster ratings, based primarily on fit of the 6 year old dummy, and, as we all know, fit is the best indication of performance. No matter how much bling your booster has, if it doesn’t place the seatbelt properly on your child, it can’t do its job.