Nuna RAVA Review

Nuna is a well known high end baby gear and car seat manufacturer. We’ve loved their Pipa rear facing only seat, recently reviewed their new AACE booster seat, and have waited anxiously to review the newest seat to their lineup, the RAVA convertible car seat.


Stowing ALL THE projectiles!

It’s inevitable: having Littles in the car often leads to lots of stuff in the car, and as every parent knows, it seems to multiply. The issue of projectiles small and large is so prevalent that the standard car seat check form includes a box to tick for discussing projectiles with parents and caregivers.

Unfortunately, in a crash, all of this stuff can instantly become airborne. We have to take this stuff in the car, so let’s look at the best way to stow all the gear in a way that minimizes the risk.


RV Travel With Children

Families going on long trips with small children will often consider a class of vehicle called a Recreational Vehicle or RV for transport, rather than dealing with a cramped smaller car and hotels along the way.

The face value appeal is obvious. RVs allow a certain amount of freedom in destinations, are potentially more comfortable than a car, and make packing easy. Unfortunately, RVs present a unique set of safety challenges for adults traveling with children that may not be readily apparent.


iCoo Baby iGuard35 Review

Hauck is a well-known German company with about a century of experience making baby gear. We met Hauck at ABC Kids Expo in 2014, and were happy to see them at Kidz in Motion this past August as well. After selling strollers in the US for a short while, Hauck recently released a completely new rear facing only seat here in the United States.


Evenflo Advanced Embrace DLX with SensorSafe Review

Evenflo recently released an update to their Embrace rear facing only car seat, but it isn’t just a trim change or a fashion update. Their revolutionary new SensorSafe technology promises to change how manufacturers approach vehicular hyperthermia with new child restraint technology. The Advance Embrace DLX with SensorSafe comes with a receiver which plugs directly into the vehicle and a smart chest clip which is on the car seat itself to alert caregivers if a child is in the seat.


Britax B-Safe 35 Elite Review

This is an updated, and upgraded, version of the Britax B-Safe. Many of the features on this new B-Safe 35 Elite version are new, and some are improved. If you liked the B-Safe model, I think you’ll love the B-Safe 35 Elite. Britax has taken great care to make sure that this new seat is easy to use, visually appealing, and long-lasting, too.