Britax Frontier 90 – An In Depth Review!

 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review! Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!

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A few weeks ago, we did a quickie review of the new Harness-2-Booster Britax Frontier 90 with Click-Tight technology. We have been given the opportunity to look more in depth at the seat, and are excited to share it with you!

When Britax announced the release of the new Frontier 90 and the Pinnacle 90, I will admit that I was pretty skeptical. As a CPST I’m used to sweating, struggling, and wrangling seats to get them installed properly. And that can only happen after figuring out whether to use LATCH, or seatbelt and determining how the seat belt locks, if I need a locking clip, or if there is a LATCH weight limit I need to account for. 

Confusing, isn’t it? Thus my hesitancy – surely it couldn’t be that easy to install. I watched the videos, attended Britax webinars and slowly, I began to get excited. This kind of technology is a game changer – when seats are this easy to install, it increases the chances that they’ll be installed correctly the first time. 


When the Frontier 90 showed up at my door, I squealed like a child on Christmas morning. I immediately opened it and, like a good CPST, read the manual from cover to cover. Unboxing the seat was very straight-forward – no assembly required.  Open the box, take off the plastic, read the manual, and you are good to go. Once the seat is out of the box, you are directed right towards the Click-Tight technology.

20130603  MG 3532 229x300 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!20130603  MG 35341 300x207 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!

Before installing it for the first time, I had to play with the the harness heights.

20130603  MG 3535 194x300 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!

The Frontier 90 has nine different harness positions; the lowest measuring 12.5″ and the highest measuring 20.5″.  It is the tallest harness height available, not including special needs seats. The seat features a no-rethread harness, which makes adjusting the harness heights for multiple children a breeze.  The harness adjusts from the top of the restraint, this is a nice improvement over the Frontier 85, which required the seat to be uninstalled to adjust the harness height.

CSFTL Quick Stats

  • Minimum Age 2 years AND 25lbs/30 inches
  • Weight limit 90lbs
  • Canadian versions of this seat have a 65 lb harnessed weight limit
  • Height limit 58 inches

I need to commend Britax for being the only car seat manufacturer out there to put an age minimum of 2 years on a forward facing seat combination seat!

Booster Specifications

  • Minimum 40lbs
  • Weight limit 120lbs
  • Height limit 62 inches

There are two different crotch buckle positions and switching the buckle positions is so easy that it can be done without uninstalling the seat. There is no removing the buckle, simply slide it from one slot to another.

20130621 buckle2 225x300 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!

 Another benefit to this buckle is the EZBuckle feature: it flips forward when not in use, which means no more digging under bums to find buckles!

20130621 buckle 300x251 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!








20130604 IMG 3540 300x199 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!

The moment of truth!  Is it really that easy? Without hesitation, I can say that yes, it really IS that easy.  A solid, correct installation without fighting, sweating, and wrangling.

This picture shows the inside of the seat, where the Click-Tight technology lives.


20130604 IMG 3541 300x199 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!

To install, thread the seat belt through belt path as directed by the green arrows, as shown in the picture on the right. Next, fasten the seat belt and shut the compartment. Finally, the only thing left to do is to attach the tether anchor, and you are good to go! Remember that this review does not replace the instruction manual, please refer to it for full installation instructions. Additionally, the Britax Frontier requires use of a tether anchor when used in harness mode for a child weighing more than 65 pounds. For our friends in Canada, tether use is required on any forward facing harnessed seat.

For your viewing pleasure, I made a video.  By the time I had made the video, I had installed the seat in in about 7 or 8 vehicles, but it was just as easy the first time I did it.

20130604 IMG 3545 300x167 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!

Using lower anchors for installation is equally as easy, but remember that lower anchors do come with a weight limit. The Frontier 90 weighs 25 pounds and depending on your vehicle, a lower anchor installation may be short lived. The lower anchors come neatly bundled inside of the Click-Tight compartment. To do a lower anchor installation simply attach the lower anchors and close the Click-Tight. Once again, you have a rock solid installation with no hassle.

20130619  MG 3591 300x210 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!

When the lower anchors are not in use, they stow neatly inside of the of the Click-Tight compartment.




Once installed, it makes for a very comfortable seat.  The EZ-Buckle really does make a difference when strapping the kiddo into the seat.

20130611 photo 225x300 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!

The model to the left is 3.5 years old, 34lbs, and 39.5 inches tall. Her opinion of the seat can be seen in her smile.  In words, she calls it comfy and soft.  Sleeping in the seat has also proved to be comfortable, and we have not seen any head slump.





20130620 leif2 218x300 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!

The model to the right is 8 years old, 49” and right at the 90lb limit of the seat in harness mode.  Even right at the limits, he still fits into the harness well, and comfortably.






Booster Mode

Part of the seat’s name is Harness-2-Booster.  So how does the seat stack up as a booster?  Excellent! One of the downfalls of most combination harness and booster seats is that you need to uninstall the seat to remove the harness straps to switch it to booster mode.

20130612  MG 3571 227x300 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!

With the Frontier 90 you are able to switch to booster mode without totally removing the harness straps and uninstalling the seat.  The crotch buckle can be laid down, and the bottom cover fastened over top of it.

20130612  MG 3569 300x183 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!






To release the harness there is no re-threading through small slots.  Open the Click Tight compartment, and on each side, there are holders for the harness, as shown in the picture on the above right.

20130612  MG 3565 300x212 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!

Slide the harness off of each side, and close the compartment.  Then roll up the straps, and tuck them under the sides, as pictured to the left.




So how is the booster fit?  Perfect!20130619  MG 35961 200x300 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!  The model to the right is 6 years old, 45lbs, and 48 inches tall.  The belt hits low on the lap, and correctly on the shoulder.  Lower anchors can be used to secure the seat in booster mode.

One thing that is important to note, the recline mode cannot be used while in booster mode.




The model below is the same one as above for the harness picture, so 8 years old, 89lbs and 49inches tall. for good measure, we wanted to show where the lap belt sits.

20130620 Leif 225x300 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!20130620 leiflapbelt 234x300 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!








There are a few cons about the seat that I found, but they are minimal.  The seat is not FAA approved because an airplane seat belt would interfere with the belt path and the Click-Tight technology.  This leads me to the next downside to the seat.  It’s HEAVY!  It weights 25lbs, so I can’t imagine carrying it through the airport anyway.

11/2013 Update: Great news! The Frontier 90 and Pinnacle 90 are now FAA approved and can be used on an airplane. To install on an airplane, leave the Click Tight panel closed and run the airplane lap belt over top of the Click Tight compartment. http://www.britaxusa.com/support/faq/combination-harness-2-booster-seats

Head to Head Comparison

How does the new Britax Frontier 90 compare to it’s predecessor, the Frontier 85?  In terms of installation, there is no comparison.  I was a huge fan of the solid installation that the long belt path on the Frontier 85 gives, but there is a substantial learning curve, when using the long seat belt path. The Frontier 85 also has some quirks, like the recline block being forward for harness mode, and backwards for booster mode.  Also, in order to access the full height of the seat for booster mode, you need to remove a screw at the back of the headrest to extend it.  The Frontier 85 has three slots for the crotch buckle, and the Frontier 90 only has two, but that doesn’t seem to interfere with the performance of the seat.  The distances seem to be a happy medium of the three buckle slots.

Now, onto some pictures.  First up, side by side comparisons of the Frontier 85 and Frontier 90 in the lowest slot for harness, and the highest slot for harness.  Keep in mind, the Frontier 85 has a screw that is required to be kept in place for harness mode.  The Frontier 85 has a top harness height of 20” and the Frontier 90 has a top harness slot of 20.5.”

20130612  MG 3551 300x211 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!

20130612  MG 3555 300x199 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!






So lets take that that screw out and check the heights to their full limit.  I will admit, I was a little shocked about the differences.  Given that the Frontier 90 has a higher harness limit, I thought that the headrest would extend farther.

20130612  MG 35561 300x276 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!20130612  MG 3560 300x255 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!

Given the differences in height, I was curious about the height of the belt guides.  There is about an inch of difference between the two, with the the Frontier 85 being a taller belt guide. 

20130619  MG 3598 300x212 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!

 20130619  MG 3590 254x300 Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!

The Final Verdict

My overall opinion of this seat is that Britax hit the nail on the head with the Frontier 90 for a long lasting combination seat that is easy to install. It also turns into a long lasting booster, that provides a great belt fit.  This seat is impressive not only to CPST’s , but parents, and grandparents as well.

I have shown my Mother AND Father in law the installation, and both agree that the ease of installation is amazing, and it takes away the guesswork.  They said it makes them feel confident that they can install the seat correctly, and know that their grandkids are safe. Even my husband, who is usually bored by my car seat talk, agrees that the Click-Tight Technology is exciting.

A huge thank you to Britax for providing this seat for us to review.  No other form of compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


** Giveaway is closed. Congrats to the winner, Ashley B! **

Find it on Amazon here: Britax Frontier 90 Booster Car Seat, Onyx Britax Frontier 90   An In Depth Review!

Are you excited about the Frontier 90 yet?  Would you like to have one in your car?  Now is your chance!  Use the Widget below for a chance to win a Britax Frontier 90. This giveaway is open to residents of the US, ages 18 and over.  Please remember, the Frontier 90 must be used by a child who is at least 2 years and 25 lbs. Car Seats for the Littles and Britax recommend rear facing to the maximum limits of a convertible car seat before forward facing.

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  97. naomi ramirez

    I love the easy buckle and the harness bc I would want my 5 yr old to still be in a harness vs the booster he has now that we have to dig around for the seatbelt since we have another carseat next to him.

  98. Kasey U

    I LOVE the click tight technology! And I just love the brand! We have two convertible britax carseats for our boys (3 years and 17 months) and while we love the carseats, they’re a pain to install. Our 3 year old is very tall like his daddy and will soon reach the height limit for his carseat. My husband and I were worried about finding him a taller carseat with a harness and this has come out at the perfect time!

  99. Leyna Williams

    I love that this seat solves the annoyances of our two Frontier 85s. We love the seats, but having to uninstall to adjust is a hassle , as is re-installation. As some have noted, I don’t trust anyone else besides DH or myself. Also, does this F90 have a seat cover that stays hooked at the bottom?? That’d be awesome.

  100. Amanda

    The click tight would have to be my favorite feature since the frontier 85 is a beast to install in my vehicle!

  101. MaryAnn

    I like that it is for taller kids. My son is only 2 but measures a year older on the height / weight scale.

  102. Caitlin O'Dell

    I love the height limits. As a momma with tall children, it’s so important to have a harness seat that holds taller people!

  103. Stacia

    This would be great for when I turn my son FF- he has a while to go at 22 months old and I have no plans on turning him AT 2 lol. Seems like great features and easy to use!

    Wish it was FAA compatible with being a military family though.

  104. Heather Thomas

    Love the weight limit and height limit. My daughter is 4 and because she is 64lbs and over 45inches tall its really hard to find a seat for her. All the car seats that can fit her are way to expensive and unfortunately I can’t afford them after losing my job and being a single mother with zero help from her father.

  105. Sasha Morris

    Everything!!!! I just love the over look, the Britax name, the high height limits, and the super easy installation.

  106. Sasha Morris

    Everything!!!! I just love the over all look, the Britax name, the high height limits, and the super easy installation. We’ve owned a lot of Britax seats.

  107. Danielle white

    This seat would so nice as far as install because I have to switch our current seat between my car and my mothers car. it would be nice to know that little would be safe with the easier installation. I also love that it would be the last car seat I would have to have for awhile!

  108. Stephanie Miller

    I love that it coverts to a booster so easily. That would be such an amazing feature for me as my almost 8 year old is almost completely booster trained and I will be starting to train my 6 year old soon. Then I still have 2 more who will get use out of it within the next few years.

  109. Rachel

    The 9 year expiration and high weight and height limits. When I turn my little guy around I want this seat to last him until he is full size!

  110. Lacey Harris-Willoby

    I’d say one of my favorite features is the most obvious … they Click-Tight technology. That’s just wild! After so many years to struggling with making sure I can get my child’s car seat installed as tightly as possible, this would be so nice to have! I also like that they’ve made it easier to adjust the crotch buckle as I recently just struggled with moving my sons so I could move it to a different position! lol

    Thank you for the opportunity to win & good luck to all!

  111. Stephanie

    What is your favorite feature of the Britax Frontier 90?

    The fact that I could harness my 9 year old in it! AWESOME!

  112. courtney

    I love that its easy to switch from kid to kid. I don’t have kids of my own but am often carting around kids of all ages. One

  113. courtney

    Of these would make life easier. I currently have a convertible seat that I use for the under 40lb set and a backless booster. For the innetween kids I’m alway having to borrow seats.

  114. Kylie Steege

    My favorite feature is the easy install. I wouldn’t have to worry about it when my husband installs the seat. Second favorite is how long the harness lasts.

  115. Cristina P.

    The easy switch from harness to booster sounds great! I could easily use it for both my kids, or when I need to carpool with a younger child.

  116. Danielle K.

    I really like the booster option. I currently have a Radian XTSL (I get the letters mixed up, but the one from Sunshine Kids before being Diono) and love it, but this one does not go to a booster, so the feature I like for the Britax is the booster seat form.

  117. porschia

    I love the safe cell & click tight and might actually trust someone else (daddy & Nana) to install and use this seat correctly!

  118. Cristina GiaCC

    I would love this seat for my 6 year old. The high height and weight are such great features and so is the easy install!

  119. AshleyAAshleyAshleyA

    i love this seat so much. Good height and weight max for my chunky 5 year old or my tall and skinny 4 year old!

  120. Rumsita

    I love how easy it is to install! We have one seat in my mom’s car that is terribly difficult to install & my husband is the only one who can do it correctly. Kind of a problem if I’m dropping my daughter off at my mom’s by myself & they had to remove the seat for cargo space. One time I had it about 95% installed correctly & had to send my mom off down the road to meet my husband so he could fix it.

  121. Kristin Randazzo

    I’d love this seat in the cactus flower print! So pretty. I think my 17mo would love it. I could also convince DH to Extended RF with this seat for sure!

  122. Jackie

    Love the click tight! And the no rethread harness. They are both fantastic features I can’t decide which I like more lol. Anything that makes it easier for a parent/caregiver to get the installation tight and the child in the seat properly (and easily) is a great thing!

  123. Christine Patrick

    I think the Clicktight installation will make it so much easier to install in my car. This seat would be great for my 4 year old who recently went forward facing.

  124. Chloe Williams

    I love that you can change the harness height without uninstalling. Makes it very easy to change for multiple users!

  125. Crystal a

    I’d love to win a frontier 90! I have a feeling my son will be too tall for his convertible soon!

  126. Jamie Poston

    Since I don’t have LATCH in my van, installing seats can be a pain. The ClickTight feature would help me a lot.

  127. Anna Northrup

    I like the click tight feature for sure. But I love the safety and feeling of security that comes along with the Britax name.

  128. Megan S.

    My favorite feature is the 90-pound weight capacity using the harness! Would be so great and a true blessing to win!

  129. Jennifer

    The clicktight instillation or maybe the easy to adjust harness straps. Hard to pick just one feature.

  130. Danielle

    I love the Click Tight feature and all the up front adjustments (harness height, recline, storing the straps, etc.).

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  133. Erin

    It may be FAA approved now, but I ordered one last week for use on a trip and yesterday the airlines wouldn’t let us use. Both the sticker on side and manual state “not for use in aircraft”. Any idea if Britax can send us new labels? I’m a little frustrated that despite reading it was approved, there’s no way to show the airlines this. Thanks for the indepth review though- very helpful!!

  134. Amber

    We are currently in a Marathon. Thinking of Frontier 90 for my 3.5 year old who is 40 lbs and 42″ tall. I’m concerned about the latch system weight requirement. How do I find that out? Also, concerned he’s getting too “big” for the Marathon even though he falls within the weight/height requirements. Wondering if Frontier will be safer?


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