Combi Coccoro
Seat NameCombi Coccoro
Expiration7 years
Rear Facing3-33 lbs (some versions are 5 lbs)
19-36″(older versions had no lower height limit)
Forward Facing20-40 lbs
up to 40"
Seat NameCombi Coccoro
Premium Lower Anchor Connectors
No Re-thread Harness
Lock Offs
Fits Newborns
Additional Information 
Seat NameCombi Coccoro
  • Rated from 3 lbs and will fit tiny preemies

  • Very narrow for 3 across and small front-to-back as well

  • Allows for tethering rear facing

  • Allows for Euro seat belt routing

  • Outgrown rear facing around 2 years old, and forward facing around 3
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