Evenflo Sonus
Seat NameEvenflo Sonus
Expiration6 years
Rear Facing 5-40 lbs, 19-40", 1" from the top of the 26" shell
Forward Facing22-50 lbs, 28-50", with 18" top harness slots, 2 year old age minimum
Seat NameEvenflo Sonus
Premium Lower Anchor Connectors
No Re-thread Harness
Lock Offs
Fits Newborns
Additional Information 
Seat NameEvenflo Sonus
  • Inexpensive
  • fairly easy to install
  • fairly narrow side to side
  • narrow set harness straps
  • do not have strap covers and may irritate the child's neck
  • no infant body padding to help fit
  • cupholder cannot be used while rear facing
  • CSFTL ReviewEvenflo Sonus Review
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