Maxi Cosi Pria
Seat NameMaxi Cosi Pria
Expiration10 years
Rear FacingTinyFit 4-22 lbs
without TinyFit 9-40 lbs
up to 40"
Forward Facing22-70 lbs
Seat NameMaxi Cosi Pria
Premium Lower Anchor Connectors
No Re-thread Harness
Lock Offs
Fits Newborns
Additional Information 
Seat NameMaxi Cosi Pria
  • Tiny Fit models fit newborns and even preemies correctly without taking up a lot of front to back space
  • Easy to install
  • High price
  • Straps can be twisty
  • 40″ standing height limit for rear facing
  • Starting with the 2015 models, includes a self-wicking cover and slimmer air protect SIP
  • CSFTL ReviewMaxi-Cosi Pria Review
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