Nuna Pipa
Seat NameNuna Pipa
Expiration7 years
Rear Facing Limits4-32 lbs
up to 32″
1” from the top of the shell
Seat NameNuna Pipa
Premium Lower Anchor Connectors
No Re-thread Harness
Lock Offs
Fits Preemies/Small Babies
Handle in Any Position in Car
Additional Information 
Seat NameNuna Pipa
  • Euro belt routing
  • Rigid lower anchor connectors
  • Load leg
  • Dream drape canopy
  • lower anchor guides
  • Only two recline settings

  • *Note: Pipa allows the seat to be installed using both the rigid lower anchors and the seat belt if you desire. It isn’t necessary to use both and it does not provide a safety advantage.
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    Retail Price$300