CSFTL Child Passenger Safety Technician Sponsorship Program

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2019)
The LATCH manual -- an essential part of any CPST's toolkit

The LATCH manual — an essential part of any CPST’s toolkit

Our Facebook Group, our Facebook page, our website, and our social media venues let us accomplish quite a bit in an online format. We love that we’re able to reach so many families, but nothing takes the place of a full installation inspection and hands-on advice from a technician during an in person car seat check appointment.

So! We’d like to extend our reach into the real world and bring more CPSTs into their communities by offering a sponsorship program for new Child Passenger Safety Technicians who are not sponsored by their own agency to attend the course. This sponsorship program extends our reach beyond our online presence and into the place where we do our best work — in the real-world situations that are the heart of what we do as CPSTs.

This offer is only available to CPSTs who have started their course after the start of this program — September 27, 2017.

Who Can Apply and What’s Included

You, too, can have this much joy around your LATCH manual!

You, too, can have this much joy around your LATCH manual!

Anyone who is eligible to take the Safe Kids Child Passenger Safety Technician course in the United States or the Child Passenger Safety Association CPST training in Canada can apply for our sponsorship. These courses are not put on by CSFTL, they are put on by Safe Kids and other local affiliates and may or may not be close to you.

We always welcome and appreciate technicians who go on to volunteer with Car Seats for the Littles, but there is no obligation to CSFTL implied in accepting our scholarship. This program’s focus is on sending additional Technicians out into their communities.

How it Works

Just take your course, pass the course, then submit your receipt and new CSPT identification and we’ll reimburse you via PayPal (see The Fine Print below for the amount). We’ll also provide you with a current LATCH manual if one wasn’t included with your course.

  1. Find a course that works for your schedule and location in the United States or Canada. Sign up for the course before doing any of the next steps!.
  2. Attend your course, pass all of the quizzes and skills assessments, then rock your course’s car seat check event at the end of the course.
  3. Once you’ve passed the course and have your CPST ID card, please email the following to [email protected]
    •  a picture of that card (or the PDF file of your card),
    •  a copy of your receipt for the course
    •  your PayPal account email address (we only reimburse via PayPal- see “The Fine Print”)
    •  your mailing address- if you wish to receive the current LATCH manual.

The Fine Print

tech kit

If you are accepted for sponsorship, successful completion of the course will make you eligible for reimbursement for your Safe Kids course fees.

This scholarship is for individual reimbursement only.  We do not reimburse agencies or other types of employers.

New CPSTs who are certified under this program have no obligation to CSFTL after completing the course. Just be an asset to your community! Learn more about becoming a technician.

This program is open to anyone who can attend and successfully complete the Child Passenger Safety Course. This program ONLY covers the standard course cost (max of $85 USD for Safe Kids courses and max of $85 CAD for CPSAC courses).  It does not apply to any additional costs beyond that $85. This program does not cover travel, lodging, or dining expenses. This applies to both Canadians completing the CPSAC course and Americans completing the SafeKids course.