Foonf Spa Day

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2017)
Clek Foonf and Olli

Clek Foonf and Olli

We’ve had our Foonf for a while now.  Seeing it in the sunlight recently made me realize that it was time for a good cleaning.  My 4 year old daughter has a fondness for eating in the car.  This replaces her fondness for screaming in the car; so sometimes there’s a buildup of snack debris in her car seat.

Armed with my vacuum, I took advantage of a sunny day and headed out to the driveway.   I had a few things to accomplish on her Foonf.

First, I had to swap the install from lower anchors to seat belt.  She’s over the weight limit for lower anchors now (in our vehicle – combined weight of 65 lbs child + car seat) so that was pretty urgent.

Original length on the right, newer, longer strap on the left

Original length on the right, newer, longer strap on the left

Second, I wanted to put in the new longer crotch strap that I’d ordered from Clek.  Lately, it’s been a bit of a challenge to get her strapped in easily so I was hoping this longer strap would help.

The Seat Cushion and belly pad were a bit dirtay

The Seat Cushion and belly pad were a bit dirty

The last item on my list was cleaning the seat cushion cover and belly pad. See: fondness for in-car snacks above for the reason why.   When the seat cushion is removed, there’s easy access to the rear-facing belt path (for lower anchor or seat belt/lockoff use), the crotch strap, and all of the nooks and crannies where snack debris can gather. I’m a big fan of having this kind of access to the belt path. Clek’s website has handy instructions on how to remove this cover:

To Remove Seat Cushion Cover:

  1. To remove seat cushion cover, you must first remove the entire seat cushion from the seat base.
  2. Pull up on bottom front edge of seat cushion to release it from the front of the seat base.
  3. Pull the seat cushion forward to fully release it from the seat base.
  4. Turn seat cushion over to locate the seat cushion cover attachments.
  5. Using your thumb, push inward on each seat cushion cover attachment one at a time to release the cover from the seat cushion.
  6. Remove seat cushion cover from seat cushion.
See? All debris: removed!

Debris be gone! Plus, easy access to the crotch strap and belt path.

As soon as I got the seat cushion off, I was glad I’d brought the vacuum out.   There was a good amount of snack product buildup in there!  I uninstalled the lower anchor connectors from the car and cleaned up the area underneath the seat cushion.

While I had the seat outside of the car, I removed the old crotch strap (this was totally easy, I just turned it one quarter turn, then slid the strap out).  Putting the new, longer strap in was just as easy!  I turned the strap sideways, slid it into place, then rotated it one quarter turn until it was secure.

Note: Clek says to only use the longer length in the outer position.  That’s where we needed it so that worked just fine for us.

At this point, my Foonf was clean underneath and had a new crotch strap.  It was time to re-install the seat using the seat belt.  I sat in my driveway, watching these how-to videos from Clek before I began.  Usually, when I watch those installation videos by the manufacturer, I think “there’s NO way it can be that easy!” but in this case it was!  I got the seat securely installed with a seat belt + lockoff in less than 2 minutes.  Seriously.

The Foonf cleaned up nicely with some dish soap and water

The Foonf cleaned up nicely with some dish soap and water

My last task was to clean the seat cushion cover and belly pad.   Unlike a lot of seats, the cover of the Foonf isn’t removable, so Clek suggests that a damp cloth with a little detergent on it, rubbed into the fabric will work.  I’ve had great success with this method both on a Foonf and an Oobr booster seat so I was confident that the Foonf would be restored to full cuteness with this method.

My confidence was well-placed because the detergent + damp cloth did the trick.  The only remaining spot is from some nail polish that my young passenger snuck into the car one day.  Clek suggests that I call Crypton (the Foonf fabric manufacturer) for a sample of their purple cleaner to  try to get this out.

We’ve been using the longer crotch strap for about a week now — it’s considerably easier to load her into the car so that was a $10 well worth spent!

All told, these tasks took about 40 minutes to complete.  The most time-consuming parts were storing the rear-facing LATCH connectors and vacuuming out the seat.  The effort was worth it — now her Foonf is properly installed, more comfortable for her to use, and sparkly clean!

Cleaning Kit

Clek Cleaning Kit

Clek Cleaning Kit

Since we originally wrote this article, we’ve also had the chance to try out the Crypton for Clek Fabric Cleaning + Stain Remover Kit. The retail price of $29.99 plus shipping might seem a little steep but I was very impressed! I tried it out on 3 different seats (one of which didn’t have Crypton fabric, but I thought it was worth a try anyway).

The kit includes two different bottles, each type formulated for different kinds of stains, plus a scrub brush. The cleaners removed various spills and stains but seemed to work better on the Crypton fabrics. Since that’s what they’re specifically formulated for, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Clek Olli after the cleaning kit

Clek Olli after the cleaning kit

The most impressive part was when I tried the cleaner on my daughter’s Olli booster seat, which had very old, very set-in stains, some of which were of unknown origins. The cleaning kit removed almost every one of them! Her booster looked practically brand new again.

In addition, I appreciated the fact that the formulas were not the least bit caustic smelling and that they were gentle enough to not cause irritation on my hands.