Registering Your Car Seat

The focus of the 2014 Child Passenger Safety Week is “Don’t Delay- Register Your Car Seat Today.” Why do car seats need to be registered though? Unfortunately, like anything else that is manufactured, there are sometimes recalls on car seats. Often they are simple and you can continue to use the seat until the fix is available, but occasionally, the recall is stop, do not pass go, do not use your car seat again until fixed. This is obviously important information to have as the faster you can get this information, the better. How can a manufacturer get this information to you if they do not know you have their seat? The only way they can know this is if you’ve registered your seat and you reregister any time your information has changed, most importantly, your home address.

registration card

Car seat registration card


Registering your car seat is relatively painless. New car seats always come with a registration card attached to the seat or in the box somewhere you can fill out and send in. In this day and age though, registration is generally easiest on the internet. even has a link that connects you registration for many current car seat manufacturers. This makes things very simple and you don’t risk losing the card before you have a chance to fill it out and mail it. There are other ways. You can call the manufacturer as well. Most Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPSTs) will have generic forms that can be filled out that can be sent in to register seats as well. This is handy if you have moved or just aren’t sure if you sent that form in. We can get it filled out and sent in for you, easy peasy.


Most car seats have their manufacture on the cover



Things you need for registering your car seat are the manufacturer name, model name, date of manufacture, and model number. The manufacturer is generally very easy to find and is often in big letters somewhere on the seat cover.

sticker DOM

Sticker on car seat containing model number and name, manufacture date, and sometimes expiration date as well



If in doubt about the manufacturer, as sometimes the parent company is different from what is on the seat, you can find everything you need on this sticker. This sticker is often on the side of the seat or the bottom. Enlist your kids and make it a game, whoever finds the sticker first gets some candy! You can see it pretty clearly gives you all the information you need to get the registration completed.


You can also sign up to receive e-mails for all car seat recalls that are released on the webiste. This will alert you to all recalls that are processed, not just the ones you have registered. You can of course always regularly check Car Seats for the Littles for information on recalls as well by following our website, Facebook, and Twitter. Hopefully this information will help you get your car seats (yes, boosters too) registered so you are not only aware of recalls, but the manufacturer is able to send you any fixes that are needed ASAP.