Finding a CPST

(Last Updated On: March 3, 2019)

Have you had your Child’s Car Seat or Booster Seat Checked?

As much as the technicians at help people online every day, it is always a good idea to have an in-person car seat or booster seat check done on your child’s car seats and booster seats.  Nothing can replace working with a CPST and learning hands-on how to use your own seats in your own car properly.

Find a Local CPST

Search the Safe Kids Database (note: less information yields more results.  Always leave “name” blank unless you are looking for a specific technician)

Visit NHTSA Parents Central: Inspection Station Locator

If you are looking for a Canadian technician, you can also search the CPSAC Find a Tech database.

Different Types of Seat Checks

Inspection/Fitting Stations: The name can be confusing.  These events are more like education and instruction stations.  It is a permanent location with a set schedule for conducting car seat checks.  Some stations require appointments.

Safe Kids Car Seat Check Event

Safe Kids: Car Seat Check Event

Events: These are scheduled in advance, often advertised, and staffed usually with volunteer technicians.  They are not regularly scheduled, but may happen several times a year (for instance, four times a year at a local hospital or store, but not always the same four times a year).

Private Businesses:   Some CPSTs have their own business.  They often come to your home so you do not even have to leave your house to have your seats checked.  There is usually a charge for this type of service.

Independent CPSTs: You will also find some technicians that will meet you at a public location to do a seat check.  Often they do not even charge (gratuities are always appreciated though).

What to Expect During a Seat Check

Seat Check, Right Ahead!

At an inspection/fitting station or event, where there are many parents one right after another you can expect to learn about your seat and be shown how to install it properly.  Leave about a half hour for the appointment.With a private business or independent technician, you may also learn multiple ways to install a seat, discussions about your pets, projectiles, general car safety, how to travel with your seat, and other more one on one discussions.  In general, for techs who visit people at their homes, an appointment may take an hour or more.

For more information, please read: What to Expect at a Seat Check and What to Expect from a Child Passenger Safety Technician.