Safety 1st Incognito Review

Finally a booster for big kids that doesn’t look like a booster! Safety 1st hit it out of the park with this one. With the minimums to use this booster being 6 years old, 47 inches and 60 lbs., this is not a seat for the Littles. This is AJ, he’s 10.5, 55 inches, and 98 lbs. He almost passes the 5 step test, but not quite, so he still needs a booster to be safe. Boosters are for (Very) Big Kids explains why AJ still needs a booster.

Safety 1st Incognito, booster, backless booster, nbb

Safety 1st Incognito


CSFTL Quick Stats

  • Weight range: 60-120 lbs.
  • Height range: 47-60″
  • Age minimum: 6 years old (this is not in the manual, but is printed on the seat itself)
  • Expiration: 10 years (earlier models may be 6 years; check your manual)







 Safety 1st Incognito, booster, nbb, 5 step test

Safety 1st Incognito in the four available colors

This booster is available in four colors to match almost vehicle interior. This is great for those kids who might be a little hesitant to continue to use a booster. It lacks armrests and the way it matches most vehicle interiors, it’s almost invisible. The limits are easy, 6 years old and up, 47-60 inches, and 60-120 lbs. It must be used with adequate head support behind the child’s head. This seat does require replacement after a crash according to the manual.





This is the bottom of the Incognito. You can see the strap across the bottom with the clips that are threaded onto the lap belt to help keep the belt off the stomach and keep it down during a crash. It was very easy for the kids to thread themselves once shown how to do it. The little pocket is to store the manual.





Another added bonus of the Incognito is it doesn’t boost children quite as high. This means in cars without adjustable head support, a child might be able to safely use this seat a bit longer in those vehicles because it sits lower. This is AJ in the Evenflo Amp, one of his favorite boosters, compared to the Incognito. You can see how much lower he sits in the Incognito, actually putting his ears just below the top of the seat. The Incognito is only 2.5 inches thick at the front and tapers to 1.25 inches thick in the back.




The third row of the Town and Country doesn’t tend to work well with backless boosters because of the seatbelt geometry, but wanted to give it a try just to see how it would potentially work in a three across situation. It worked perfect (for the three across, NOT in the third row of the van). Much easier to buckle than traditional boosters because of its lack of armrests. It measures 12 inches across at its narrowest and 16 inches in the front at its widest.



Fit to Child

Safety 1st Incognito, backless booster, nbb, booster

Safety 1st Incognito with 7 and 8 year old


Here’s Evan and Ilana trying the Incognito. Evan will be 9 in six weeks and is 49 inches and 60 lbs. Ilana will be 7 in a few weeks and is 47.5 inches and 62 lbs. Both meet the requirements to use this seat, but because of their size, they are still comfortable using a high backed booster as their main seat.





  • No armrests
  • Deep seating area
  • Designed for big kids 6 & up that have outgrown more traditional boosters


  • Not very padded

Overall Thoughts

AJ said it was hard on his bottom when first using it, but it doesn’t seem any harder to me than his other boosters. He has now moved it to the top of his preferred booster list after using it for a few days. The kids all thought it was really neat and easy to use.  As a CPST, these will be much utilized in both car seat programs and for personal purchase. Though the manual states 6 years and up, 8 years old and would be a better age to use this seat full time. All four colors are available now on


UPDATE  A year later and AJ is about to say goodbye to the Incognito. He’s now 11.5, 57 inches and 115 lbs. The blending in feature is lost on him and he still wishes it had flames or maybe was orange. It’s easy to use and has been taken to many a play date.

While a little too big for the standard back pack, being so light weight makes it easy to carry. The strap that runs under the seat makes it easy to carry anywhere if needed.


Safety 1st Incognito is a little big for a regular back pack, but easy to carry alone

This  seat was provided by Safety 1st, but no compensation was received. All thoughts are my own. Originally written by Jennifer Penick. Edits maintained by CSFTL.