Safety 1st Incognito Review

Finally a booster for big kids that doesn’t look like a booster! Safety 1st hit it out of the park with this one. With the minimums to use this booster being 6 years old, 47 inches and 60 lbs., this is not a seat for the Littles. This is AJ, he’s 10.5, 55 inches, and 98 lbs. He almost passes the 5 step test, but not quite, so he still needs a booster to be safe. Boosters are for (Very) Big Kids explains why AJ still needs a booster.

Safety 1st Incognito, booster, backless booster, nbb

Safety 1st Incognito


CSFTL Quick Stats

  • Weight range: 60-120 lbs.
  • Height range: 47-60″
  • Age minimum: 6 years old (this is not in the manual, but is printed on the seat itself)
  • Expiration: 6 years






 Safety 1st Incognito, booster, nbb, 5 step test

Safety 1st Incognito in the four available colors

This booster is available in four colors to match almost vehicle interior. This is great for those kids who might be a little hesitant to continue to use a booster. It lacks armrests and the way it matches most vehicle interiors, it’s almost invisible. The limits are easy, 6 years old and up, 47-60 inches, and 60-120 lbs. It must be used with adequate head support behind the child’s head. This seat does require replacement after a crash according to the manual. Continue reading

KIM Conference 2013: Day Two

Another day over at this year’s KIM conference with some big news from Dorel.  Here are some fun things I got to play with today along with Dorel’s big news.

Safety 1st Incognito Backless Booster
IMG_2073Here it is everyone!  Designed with big kids in mind.  The colors match most vehicle interiors and no armrests mean that no one can see they’re in a booster.  No more embarrassment for being in a ‘baby seat’.  They are also encouraging these for bulk sales to coalitions, hospitals, fire/police stations, etc.  Nice price point at $19.99.  Available on in a couple months.


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