Car Seat Basics: Head Slump, oh no! Or no Biggie?

When we are handed our mewling bundles for the first time, we are told to support their heads and keep their heads back. They have no head control forward or backward, so support their head. Support their head. Keep their head back, but support their head.

After that is drilled into us, it’s no wonder we have parents buying new car seats or rearranging everything to do away with head slump.


LATCHable Boosters

Sometimes it seems manufactures are out to confuse parents as much as possible.

For years Child Passenger Safety Technicians stated that you don’t use LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren) with boosters. The booster simply sat on the seat under the child, then the seat belt held in both the child and the booster.


Car Seat Basics: Checking for Belt Path Movement

You want less than one inch of movement when you give it a firm handshake at the belt path with your non dominant hand.” I have said that statement many times to parents and caregivers. It’s one of those times where I wish English had a few more words so I could describe that in the same detail, but with less verbosity.

What does it mean, though? Let’s go through it a bit at a time.