European Car Seats vs. American Car Seats: Is One Better?

Fashion. Currencies. Road signs. Wines. Cars. The metric system. There are many differences between Europe and the United States. Including car seats.

As with wines and cars, many caregivers think European car seat brands are better or safer than their United States counterparts. However, just as wines and cars are actually pretty equal, so are car seats. Here’s a look at a few of the key differences.


Car Seat Basics

Whether you’re a brand new parent or have a minivan full of Littles, it can never hurt to review the basics of car seat safety. Take a few moments to check all of these in regards to your child’s car seat – it might just save their life.


A chest clip goes… on the chest!

Or more precisely, in the middle of the sternum. The retainer clip is designed to keep the straps parallel over the torso in a crash. Too low and the child could be ejected from the seat in a crash; too high and the child could suffer a neck injury. Line it up with the top of the child’s armpits, and it’ll be just right every time!