Avionaut Sky – European Car Seat

We first encountered Avionaut at 2019’s Kind & Jugend trade fair. Their light-as-a-feather Pixel infant seat intrigued us, but the news of a new birth-to-25-kg rear facing only car seat had us really excited. Now we’ve finally had the chance to try out the Sky, so let’s see how it stacks up! CSFTL Quick Stats

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European Car Seats vs. American Car Seats: Is One Better?

Fashion. Currencies. Road signs. Wines. Cars. The metric system. There are many differences between Europe and the United States. Including car seats.

As with wines and cars, many caregivers think European car seat brands are better or safer than their United States counterparts. However, just as wines and cars are actually pretty equal, so are car seats. Here’s a look at a few of the key differences.