Kiddy World Plus Recall

Kiddy has announced a recall for some of their Kiddy World Plus combination seats. On the affected seats, the buckle on the shield may not fully engage, meaning that a parent or caregiver might think the child was properly buckled into the seat when she was not. The issue only affects the seat when used with the shield. Seats used in booster mode only are not impacted by this recall.


High Back Boosters for Big Kids (and their younger siblings)

While there’s no set time or age for moving your child from a high back booster to a backless booster, we tend to suggest making this move when the child is able to sit properly all of the time.

Since not all big kids are ready for the responsibility of sitting properly without the reminder that the shoulder and head sections of the high back booster can provide, members of our Facebook group ask which boosters might last the longest or be the best value.