CPS Week 2014 Noggle Giveaway-ENDED

An important part of child passenger safety is recognizing that we want everyone to follow best practice, but we also want everyone to travel comfortably. Keeping back seat passengers cool or warm, depending on the season, can be a real challenge. CSFTL recommends kids ride rear facing as long as possible, ideally until 3-4 years old. Getting appropriate air flow to rear facing Littles is not always easy, even if your vehicle has rear air vents.


The Noggle Review

At CSFTL, we advocate for best practice when it comes to putting your Littles in car seats. That includes riding rear facing for as long as your Little’s convertible car seat allows.

A question that comes up quite often in our Facebook group is “how do I keep my rear facing child cool in the summer?” The companion question to that is how to keep a rear facing child warm in the winter. We’ve got one answer for both scenarios: The Noggle.