Heat Stroke Prevention

This summer, we’re making vehicle heat stroke awareness our top priority. We’ve shared some of the specifics around hyperthermia in our longer article. We’ve put together this handy, shareable guide to help get the word out!

Look Before You Lock

Look before you lock

Look before you lock

  • Check your vehicle’s back seat every time you leave.
  • Look in cars when walking through parking lots.
  • See our article for tips.

Lock Before You Leave

Lock before you leave

Lock before you leave

  • Always lock your parked vehicle so children cannot climb in. Locking your vehicle protects not just your children; it may be your neighbor’s children as well.
  • When age appropriate, teach your child how to climb into the front seat and unlock, then open the car door.

Getting the Word Out

  • Share articles, graphics, websites, and anything that can spread the message with your social media networks. And with anyone who will listen!

Additional Resources



Laws Related to Heatstroke

Tips for Prevention

Our article looks at vehicular heat stroke and offers some suggestions for prevention.