The Noggle Review

At CSFTL, we advocate for best practice when it comes to putting your Littles in car seats.  That includes riding rear facing for as long as your Little’s convertible car seat allows.

A question that comes up quite often in our Facebook group is “how do I keep my rear facing child cool in the summer?” The companion question to that is how to keep a rear facing child warm in the winter. We’ve got one answer for both scenarios: The Noggle.

The design of the Noggle is pretty simple — it’s just a long, lightweight, flexible tube that attaches to your car’s vent, then funnels the air back to your passengers. It comes in a variety of colors and styles, thanks to some pretty creative fabrics for the covers. My young passengers selected a crib-themed print and a black zebra stripe that suits each of them perfectly.

The Noggle

The Noggle

The Noggle comes in a few sizes — the 6 foot model is suggested for forward facing use in a vehicle’s second row.  The 8 foot model is suggested for rear facing passengers in the second row.  The 10 foot model is suggested for third row passengers or pets who may be along for the ride.

Note: we’d suggest that pets ride in crates that are secured to the car.  The Noggle can point right at the pet in question — it keeps my senior lab quite comfortable during trips to the vet or the dog park!





Installing the Noggle

Installing the Noggle

Each Noggle includes 2 vent adapters, and 2 heavy duty fasteners that are similar to zip ties. Installation is quick and relatively simple — just use the zip ties to affix the vent adapters to your vent and lock the plastic end of the Noggle in place.

One small word of caution: make the loop on your zip tie large enough to spread the force of attaching the Noggle to the vent.  I mistakenly made the loop too small and it ended up ripping the Noggle out of my vent.  I was able to reattach it, though.

Another note: when you reach your destination,  disconnect the Noggle from the vent adapter.  Heat and direct sunlight magnified by a vehicle’s windshield could cause the plastic of the Noggle and the vent adapter to warp from extreme heat.




 Activating the Noggle

Final steps in the Noggle installation process

Final steps in the Noggle installation process


Once the vent adapters are attached and your Noggle is locked into place over the vent, the final step is determine where you want the air to flow.


The end of the Noggle that will be near your Little has a series of fabric loops. Using the velcro strap that’s included with it, you can attach the loop to a hook or handle on your car’s ceiling, then point the Noggle right at your passenger.









The Noggle

The Noggle

These days, my Littles ride forward facing so they prefer to hold the Noggle themselves while we’re driving.  Not only do my kiddos stay cool and comfortable, my oldest, who is prone to carsickness, has remained vomit-free in the car since the day our Noggles arrived!


If you’ve ever cleaned up an awful mess in a car seat, you can understand how grateful I am for the stomach-calming effect of the Noggle.





Projectile Risk

Securing the Noggle over a rear facing car seat

Securing the Noggle over a rear facing car seat


We advocate for securing all projectiles as much as possible so it’s no doubt that many of our users wonder if it can be a projectile in the event of a crash.  Before I had mine, I wondered the same thing!

The Noggle is quite lightweight and can be secured on both ends.  The soft fabric cover takes care of any exposed edges, making it a pretty minimal risk as a projectile in our book.








Overall Thoughts



The Noggle is a great option for keeping Littles both cool in the summer and warm in the winter when they’re riding in the car.  We’re impressed by how well something so simple can work so well!

The Noggle can be found at in both the 6 foot length and 8 foot length.


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  1. My almost two year old is still rear facing and my Honda civic gets decent air conditioning circulation at the floor boards for the back seat. But, with a rear facing child she won’t get any if that cooled down air to help beat the Florida heat.

  2. Having kids in the third row without a/c reaching back there is hard on them. The noggle would be perfect!

  3. This thing looks amazing! I saw them recommend in the csftl group and have been trying to talk my husband into one for baby with this crazy Texas heat!

  4. My kids always complain about being hot in the back seat, while I almost freeze in the front. This would solve that!

  5. I can think of endless reasons we need one of these!!! Awesome product and great review!

  6. I’d love to be able to beat South Korea super humidity and heat for my little guy! I live the all American made product!!

  7. Thanks for another giveaway opportunity. I’d love to have a Noggle because I often feel bad that when getting in a hot car we, in the front seat, get relief first. It would be awesome to have so I know my little guy is able to feel the cold air right away as we do.

  8. What a great idea! We live in South Texas an consistently have over 100 degree days. I’m always concerned about my son having enough air in his rear facing car seat.

  9. A giveaway! How awesome! Totally entering- Penelope (my Mazda5) does not get air into the 3rd row. =\

  10. My son gets super hot and sweaty in the car. This would be the perfect way to help cool him down.

  11. Really want to try one of these out! I have a rear facer, and forward facer, in the third row of my van, and a rear facer in the second row. My third row windows no longer open, so I can’t even use them with the air to help with air flow. It sucks! My daughter, rearfacing, becomes flushes within ten minutes and HATES riding because of it. I just can’t get up the money to buy an 8ft noggle for our use!

  12. I’ll admit I thought it was dumb the first time I saw it, but you may have convinced me to give it a shot!

  13. What an awesome idea! My 3 year old rides rfing in a MyRide and is soaked in sweat even if I have the ac on high.

  14. I’ve got a 3 year old, a 2 year old, and a newborn- all rear facing and would love a noggle to keep them cool!

  15. This sounds like an incredibly cool product and would be so useful in the hot summer heat of Texas!

  16. AMAZING!!! This would be amazing for my LO….everyone I get her out of her carseat she’s sticky and hot. I think this would make the car rides so much more enjoyable and comfortable for her!

  17. I would love the noggle because my super chunky 7 month old gets really hot in the car. Since we plan to rear face as long as possible, I need a way to get the airflow to him over the years.

  18. This would be amazing for our summer trips to Colorado and winter trips to Tennessee, especially with another little one on the way!

  19. I would love to try one of these out. My oldest son sits in the third row of our van and is never happy with the temperature.

  20. I would love to give this to a friend with a RF infant. They just moved to Texas and it is so hot here this would help a lot.

  21. This looks so awesome. I’ve been letting my car run with the AC on full blast for a few minutes before loading up my DD. Sometimes she feels sweaty or clammy when I get her out of the seat. What a great idea!

  22. I am so glad to hear that the noggle is safe! I was concerned about the risk of it being a projectile, but now totally want one! Thanks for the review and giveaway!!!

  23. I’d love to have a Noggle because I have 2 rear-facers who turn into mini toasters on long drives!

  24. Ahhh, I so want one! My Subaru is rather sweaty in this NC heat… and for some reason I have an extra hot-natured little baby. I know even our long haired pups would appreciate it when restrained in the back for vet trips!

  25. I would love a noggle for the backseat of my husbands pickup , I have 3 car seat 2 of them rear facing and no back vents

  26. I would LOVE to have a Noggle, because we’re in central Florida and it is ridiculously hot!

  27. I would love to have a Noggle! I just recently heard about them for the first time, and they would be great in our vehicles. My 12 month old is a sweater, especially in the car and when he’s sleeping. We always take him out with a sweaty head. I’m so glad to hear that it’s safe!!

  28. This looks great – not just for my 9.5 month old son, but my two boxers who get warm in the car!

  29. My car doesn’t have vents in the back and I would love something that means I don’t have to keep the AC settings on the lowest possible temperature blowing the highest it can to try to keep it cool back there (and also freezing my feet off!)

  30. I would love this to keep my two rear facing kiddos cool in the hot summer heat. The air in my car doesn’t get back there too well.

  31. Thank you so much for this review and the giveaway!
    I would love to own one of these for my RF 8 month old as we live in Texas and its getting pretty hot :(
    Seeing your review makes me feel confident in this purchase (if i dont’ win lol!) and I know my LO will be more comfortable!

  32. My almost 2 year old son who is RF is always sweaty when I get him out of the car. I’d love to win one, since my wife says I’m not allowed to buy one.

  33. We only have a/c vents in the front. Took the girls shopping yesterday and the baby came out of the car seat soaked in sweat. Solution needed. Hope this helps!

  34. i would love this for our cx9 the very rear seat my kids are always complaining they are hot and we are always freezing upfront!!

  35. How neat! My kiddos would love this. I can never seem to get enough airflow back there in the Texas heat.

  36. I think that this is a great idea. I live in Texas and own a black car. Baby isn’t here yet but I only have vents in the front row. I myself get hot and it takes forever to cool the car down. I think this is great!

  37. I totally need this! It would transform my car car and make thing so much better for my kids!

  38. My son is a sweaty mess in winter. This would keep him super cool in the hot Florida summer!

  39. this is so cool…would be great to keep the baby cool in this hot new england heat wave!!

  40. With two RFing kids ( a 3 year old and a baby) it gets so hot in the back, I can’t even stand to ride back there. We also have a FFing 7year old. Our A/C doesn’t work the best the way it is and the back windows only roll down about 6 inches, which doesn’t offer a lot of cool air coming in when we’re driving.

  41. I would LOVE one of these. My son rides rear facing and is constantly so hot. It doesn’t help that it’s regularly >100 degrees outsides. Very cool idea.

  42. We need a noogle! We have no vents at all in the back of my honda element and it gets so hot in the back for my 9 month old. I turn on the air as high as I can but I’m never sure how much makes it back

  43. I’d love a Noggle for my husbands truck. The kiddos are often so hot & sweaty in there as the air just doesn’t quite get back far enough.

  44. My kids always complain of being hot in my car and I feel like a popsicle in the front seat. They beg me to turn the AC all the way up and I don’t like it full blast.

  45. Looks great for rear facing LO’s who can’t feel the air directly. I can’t wait to try it.

  46. I would love to win because I have two boys rear-facing in my Chevy Silverado. We live in Oklahoma and it gets HOT!

  47. Rear-facing plus no vents in the back of the van = hot in back! I’d love one of these for the kiddos. :)

  48. This is brilliant! We drive a small SUV and while my husband and I are cool in the front my toddler is sweating in the back seat. This would be awesome!

  49. We live in Florida and it stays hot most of the year. A Noggle would be great for keeping my 9 month old cool in his car seat.

  50. This is an awesome idea, my son has a hard time regulating his temperature and this would be so much easier to keep him warm or cool

  51. i HAVE 2 rear facing kiddos who are always Hot and sticky when they come out of their car seats. We do long drives and we have to stop frequently so I can check they haven’t overheated. We also have a dog who rides between the two car seats who overheats quickly as well. I’d love a noggle!

  52. I think we need this very much. We are traveling from Ohio to Tulsa and then on to Montana. Then finally to Washington to get on the Ferry. We will be living in Alaska!! My daughter still rear faces at almost 3 and is such a heat box!!

  53. This would be awesome for beating the Bakersfield heat this summer! Helpful review!

  54. Why would I want one? Why wouldn’t I want one! My 1 1/2 year old is in a rear facing car seat. It gets SUPER hot in the summer where I am and there’s only a small vent to keep the back seat cool. The vent is behind my sons car seat which really doesn’t do a good job in getting his seat cool quick enough. We end up blasting the AC which makes the front seat area cold and the back seat area slowly cool off. I sit in the back with him so I know how long it takes to cool it down. I think this would be amazing to have! I also have another baby on the way so if I win one I’ll only have to buy one! That would help a lot! 😀

  55. Well why wouldn’t I want one? My son’s comfort level in the back seat is very important to me and this is such a cool idea wish I would have thought of it myself.. I think its a list have and to win one.. well even better 😀

  56. the AC in my car isn’t very strong so this would be awesome for my two children who always wind up sweaty at the end of a car ride!

  57. My older son is ALWAYS hot, even in the winter! He even gets headaches from the heat. He’d LOVE a Noggle for my car!

  58. This would be awesome for beating the Bakersfield heat this summer for my RF 3.5yo! Helpful review!

  59. My husband and I were just talking the other day how the ac doesn’t really reach our 18 month old rear facer. This is awesome and I would love to win one!

  60. My 7 month old daughter always gets out of her carseat so sweaty, so this might actually help her!

  61. I’ve been looking at this product ever since I seen it discussed on CSFTL and I would LOVE it for my boy. He’s a sweaty kid plus Nebraska isn’t known for cool summers.

  62. We have a Prius and it doesn’t have tinted windows so the heat just beats down on our rear-facing son. Our second vehicle is an older pick-up truck and the back seat also just seems so hot all the time. This is a great idea to get cold air back to littles.

  63. This sounds amazing the 22 month i care for is in the middle of my car rear facing and the radian blocks the vents so it can get kind of stuffy back there… im so excited that this product is ok to use!

  64. My toddler gets so sweaty in his Britax because the padding is so plush this would be great way to cool his little rearfacing butt down!

  65. Both of min , 3.5 and 5 months, are still rear-facing. This would help the 3 yr old stay cool.

  66. This is a fabulous idea!!! I would love to have this. It would save my girls from the summer heat!

  67. I would love one of these for my daughter, I am always so worried she is to hot in the car

  68. What a great invention! I hope I win one for my rear-facing daughter! We’re always looking for safe ways to stay cool in the car.

  69. I want this so bad! My 15 month old is always so hot and sweaty when I get him out of the car, as he’s still rf.

  70. My husband and I saw these online a little bit ago, and we got really excited. It’s always hot in the backseat of our grand Cherokee, and with two littles that are always sweating, we thought these would be a great idea! I hope we win, but even if we don’t, I can’t wait to order ours!

  71. this looks like such a great product, i’m totally looking into it for my daughter who is 2.5 years old and still rear facing, she is always complaining of how she is hot. what a wonderful invention!!

  72. I would LOVE to have a noggle for my backseat passengers. We don’t have air vents anywhere but the front dash, and I’m always pulling sweaty kid out of the carseat. :( I’ve also had adult back passengers complain about the heat. I would love to make car rides much more comfortable for everyone!

  73. I feel like if I were in the backseat of someone’s SUV and they had this I would prolly just play with it lol. But great option for us especially in AZ where summer is 9 months long lol.

  74. This sounds perfect for our area, we live in Southern California near the Mexican boarder and our summer temps reach the 120s. I’d love this for my Rearfacing tots and our new addition joining us in August.

  75. This would be so great for our car, even for our dogs! Not much air flow in the backseat or cargo space.

  76. I have a RF toddler and no back vents and a baby due in December ! :) mommy dream come true!

  77. We live in the South and it is very hot and muggy down here. Hoping this product would help our little one combat the back seat sweat!

  78. Our 2003 Nissan doesn’t have great airflow in the back seat (I get hot and so does our RF son) – this looks like the perfect solution for that!

  79. My kids would LOVE to win a noggle! They are always so mad that they are hot and it always makes me feel bad for having a car with no rear vents so this would help me feel better and them also feel cooler:)

  80. I would love to try this I have 5 kids and it is very hard to cool the older kids but not overcool the twins

  81. This is the perfect solution to our two ERFers in the terrible Phoenix summers!! Seriously, I avoid going places when it is 110+ outside cause my poor 4 y/o and 14 month old get so hot RFing since the vents don’t hit them. I’d love to win one :)

  82. The back vents in my husband’s SUV do not work, these would be a life saver on trips!

  83. With us living in southwest Oklahoma and traveling between there and Houston, TX, we are always having to deal with a too hot car! Now that the lil one is old enough to complain, but too young to understand that she HAS to be properly restrained in her seat, we need something like this to help her stay comfortable.

  84. Just seeing the sweat pour off my rf 2 year old is enough reason to need the noogle

  85. What’s not to love?? We have 2 rear facing kiddos who are always hot and sweaty in the car, and one forward facing who is always complaining about being cold because the rear air vent is right in front of her, and of course we have it blasting to try to cool off the other two. The Noggle would be amazing to aim some of that cold air right at the younger ones!

  86. Our little guy (17 months old) is a sweaty mess after car rides in the summer. I would love to get him some relief!

  87. I live in hot AZ! I’ve been looking at these for weeks now. I have a 2 year old rf and she’s so hot! This would be perfect. Thank you so much for the review.

  88. I would love one of these, As My son get car sick in the sumer from the heat this might be just what he needs to keep cool and help with the motion sickness

  89. OH! I could SO use this in our mini van! My daughter, being RF, doesn’t get any air back there! :-(

  90. OH! I could SO use this in our mini van! My daughter, being RF, doesn’t get any air back there! :-( How amazing this could make her life!

  91. I live in Louisiana and my rear facing child would love the noggle this summer !!

  92. My 9-month old gets very cranky in the heat, and this would make car rides much more tolerable!

  93. Totally going to look into this, we have one vent in the back of our trailblazer! Thanks!

  94. Why do I want one of these? I live in Central Florida. We have summer for about 10 months out of the year! And I get hot flashes. The kids have a rear air unit in the van, but **I** need more directional control over my air!

  95. I would love this for our upcoming 9 hr car ride at the end of the month. My rear facer is always sweaty when I get him out of his seat because the car doesn’t have rear AC.

  96. My daughter is rear-facing and will be for quite a while yet. When I get her out of her seat she is often sweaty and sticky, even though the air is as high as it will go. We would love the Noggle.

  97. Thank you so much! I have been wondering about this product. Just what I needed.

  98. I would love a noggle because we have an older car our 2 kids cant feel the ac in the back seat and this would work great!

  99. We live in Phoenix & even with AC the heat is miserable & the car takes FOREVER to get cool in the backseat. One of the first words my 1 year old learned was “hot” because she’s so miserable in the car :( This is a MUST HAVE item & I can’t wait to tell everyone about them!!

  100. My, almost, 3 year old is still rear facing and it’s been so difficult keeping him comfortable in the car. No cool air reaches him from the front of the vehicle. This sounds awesome!

  101. I’d love to have one for our Tahoe- even with the auxiliary settings, the back gets hot for our little guy!

  102. I need one of these. I always feel horrible when I pull my son out of the car and his back is all sweaty.

  103. This is awesome i need one! my little man is always so sweaty when i get him out of the car seat after having the a/c on the whole time!

  104. I would love one of these because we live in Florida and it so miserably hot here, it sucks, my poor baby is sweating her little butt off whenever we go anywhere and we have the ac on. :(

  105. Because I live in colorful Colorado! Hot in the summers, cold cold in the winters!! My two kiddos would love it! And I wouldn’t have to freeze upfront to make sure the ac is somewhat getting to them!

  106. My daughter is always complaining that she’s hot. This would be great for long trips!

  107. My kids are forever complaining that they are too hot…while we are FREEZING up front. This is a SOLUTION…YAY!

  108. I’d love to win it because it can be used in both the winter and summer! My 3.5 year old and 10 month old will be rear facing for a long time still, and I always worry they are too hot/cold in the back seat, since we don’t have any vents back there.

  109. Because my back seat only has one vent and with a rear facing little one the crying is non stop till the car cools down :(

  110. What a great idea! We are driving to VT (5 hours away) later this summer, and this would surely make the trip go smoother.

  111. This looks awesome, my 2 year old would love it, we always arrive at our destination with him looking like a tomato :(

  112. We just got a new car and our 15 month old gets warm rear facing in the backseat. Such a neat contraption!

  113. I would like a Noggle because it looks super “cool”! I love the name too!

  114. So simple and so brilliant! I’d love this for the baby who’s center seat in her Foonf. I feel like the vents don’t get much air to her unless I’m freezing my toddler in the outboard seat.

  115. We live in LA. Temps get hot and the back of the car even hotter. Takes for ever to cool down. This would be great for our son.

  116. My son gets so hot in his seat. I so need this so he’s not so hot and sweaty in his seat.

  117. This a fantastic idea. My daughters would love this!! I would love this, too for the time when I have to sit in the back to keep the peace. :)

  118. I’d love this for my boys. They rear face and are warm naturally. I’d love to help keep them cool.

  119. My new baby granddaughter does not like the heat in her car seat. This would be great for her!

  120. I’ve been complaining for awhile about how cars don’t have very good air conditioners in the back seats when kids/car seats are invovled. It takes forever to cool down the back seat (especially when you have a Rear Facer!) This would be awesome!

  121. I think I need one of these – our 3 year old is forward facing but our 3 week old is obviously going to RF for a long time to come, and the climate control vents for the back seat of my Chevy Equinox are small and run under the driver and front passenger seats only. I have to blast the A/C in summer just to cool down the backseat for my girls. This looks like a great solution!

  122. This is such an awesome idea! My van has a problem with the a/c in the back… in that when it is turned on, it shoots out burning hot air. This would solve so many issues! My kiddos would LOVE it!

  123. This would be fantastic to keep my eight month old cool this summer in his black car seat, especially since it’s now recommended for kids to rear face for two years and I can’t afford to get my windows tinted.

  124. Oh my gosh I we NEED this! I drive a Honda Element and that back half of the car is vast with no vents, it never fully cools down.

  125. Omg I would love one of these for my seven month old!! She, much like mommy, hates the heat and the a/c in my cavalier doesn’t get the back very cool.

  126. I would love a noggle to keep my 2 1/2 year old cooler! He is rearfacing and we do our best to get air flow back to him but this would really help :) Very cool idea!

  127. I’d love one because my RF 15 month old is always a sweaty mess when I get her out of her carseat and I imagine she will eventually decide she DOES. NOT. LIKE. to be hot!

  128. I would love one of these for my toddler! We’ve been in the midst of an awful heat wave, and I’ve actually have to cancel things that require me to take my children out in the afternoons because my toddler gets so overheated in her seat. Since my car has a large cargo area, my a/c can’t manage to cool the rear of my car well at all.

  129. I would love a noggle because our Jeep has poor air circulation, in the summer and the cold winters!

  130. I would love a Noggle for the phoenix heat with my rf 4 yr old. He gets such a bad rash from the heat

  131. I would love to have a Noggle for my 2 ERFing girls. My oldest turned 3 in April and my youngest will be 2 a week from today. They get so sweaty in the summer and chilly in the winter being RFing because I do not have vents in the backseat of my ’02 Escape. I know they would just love this!

  132. This would be wonderful for our vacation road trip coming up next month! My almost 3 year old is still rear facing and this would help keep him cool in the backseat. = )

  133. Id love one because there is no vents in my back seat and my rear facing son stays hot for like ten mins. (Starting my car early doesn’t work since my car ac doesn’t work very well until you get going)

  134. we totally need this for our new 12 passenger van! the kid that sits in the last row always complains that it’s too hot :( very cool product!

  135. I’ve got two kids, a 3 year old and a newborn, who would love this! We have a cross-country road trip coming up and I worry about them keeping cool.

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  137. my son is ERF and is constantly sweaty. We NEED one (or 2) of these. Enough I’m buying one anyway. :)

  138. A boggle would be great for my rear facing girls because our small SUV doesn’t have air vents in the rear seats and the Texas heat is pretty intense. We also frequently make 22 hour car trips to Ohio and in the winter this would help get the warm heat back to them.

  139. I would love a Noogle! My daughter is still RF and always complains that she gets too hot in the back seat!

  140. We live in the deep south and our van just doesn’t circulate the ac like we would like it to. This would be great! The boys would have their very own vent hanging over them!

  141. it gets wicked hot in our third row seats ~ this is genius! Would love to try it out!

  142. I would love to have the Noggle because we live in the South, and it’s SO hot! My daughter is still rear facing and completely blocked off from the air vents up front. She would love having cool air blow in her face :)

  143. This is so cool! I would love to get one of these for my daughter! I live in Southern California and it gets HOT! This would be great for my little rear-facing girl!

  144. I would love to win one for my 20 month old- she is a sweaty mess whenever it gets hot out.

  145. This would be awesome for my RFing hot natured one year old. It gets really hot and humid in Indiana during the summer, and her back is always sweaty no matter how much I crank the air.

  146. I would love a Noggle! I live in Miami, FL and we have a 7 month old daughter. I get so worried in our hot, hot weather and sometimes I am chilled to the bone just to have a mildy warm backseat. This would solve a lot of problems!

  147. My daughter would love this! She gets hot so easy! And I wouldn’t have to freeze to make sure she gets cool air rearfacing!

  148. We are going on a roadtrip next month and my rear facing baby gets HOT in his seat!

  149. I would love to have the Noggle to keep myself, and my two girls from over heating in our hot hot summers. They’d be great for an easy cool down after a trip to the park too!

  150. This would be awesome for my little man with the heat in Texas! Especially w/o tinted windows – it gets so hot!
    Thanks for the chance to win :-)

  151. This would be great. My 3 year old is rear-facing in the third row of my van. We have overhead a/c, but it still gets so hot (we live in Vegas) and he’s always sweaty when he gets out of his seat. This would solve many problems. :)

  152. I’d love to have one for my rear facing 3 year old to keep cool during this hot California summer.

  153. This is a cool idea literally! This would be awesome in the car with my kids. Nothing like living in OK and dealing with a crazy heat index during the summer. It gets hot in the back of our SUV. I always feel bad for my kids because by the time we get home, they are sweating!

  154. I worry about the heat in our van third row, especially now that we are moving to South Texas. This would be some peace of mind!

  155. This looks like an awesome solution to the lack of airflow in extended rear facing little ones! I’d love to it!

  156. Wow…that is neat I would love to win one for my three month old daughter & two young brothers as well as share it with my friends

  157. We travel an hour and a half min to see my family and this would be great to keep my little girl nice and cool!

  158. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this! I’ve never heard of anything like this, and my little guy is extremely hot natured. We have 2 teeny tiny piddly little vents in the backseat, and since he’s RF, he feels none of the sorry amount of air they blow out. We got a clip on fan for the backseat, but don’t use it much unless we absolutely need to, (100+ degree days and a red faced baby) because it’s very loud and I’m terrified it could become a very deadly projectile in a crash.

  159. (This is a repeat comment because my first one was all wonky…..) I would love the Noggle for our cross-country summer move! Our (soon) to be two little ones will be dying in our back seat without rear vents, and this will make things a lot easier for everyone in the car.

  160. This looks pretty amazing! My 25 month old is still rf and she is always hot. She has always preferred being as cool as possible, even as a newborn, but it is difficult in the car ( she has vomited several times from it;) although her skin feels cool, her back is sweaty.

  161. This looks like a fantastic product! I know my little guy would love this during our 100+ degree summer weather.

  162. I’d love a noggle! In our van the driver and passenger are ice before the back seat even catches a breeze! this would be perfect to get some air to those in the back!

  163. I’d love to win this because the back seat is always so hot even when the front is cool…I would love to use the noggle to keep my child and future baby cool and comfy :)

  164. This is great for kids , pets and adults. Our family loves to travel so this would be amazing and looks easy to use.

  165. While I do wonder about the actual hose flying about in a crash (especially if the end is not hung up) I would love to try this out for myself! My kids in the third row would love it especially, even though we have vents back there, they don’t have as many as the second and first row!

  166. This is brilliant. My son would be so much happier with some cool over the next 3 summers of rear-facing!

  167. My son is always soaked with sweat no matter how low I turn down the AC in the car. I bet this would help get him a little more AC in these hot Louisiana summers.

  168. Like the others, my little guy gets so hot in his carseat. He tends to run on the warm side, anyway. And though our van has vents in the 2nd and 3rd rows, there is no way to point them to the child in a rear-facing carseat. Hopefully this will keep him cool and happy in these hot summer months.

  169. The air flow in the back seat of my car is horrible! That’s why we turned my daughter forward facing a little after 2 years instead of rear facing longer because rear facing in my car in the heat of a Texas summer is horrid! This would be so helpful for my new little one that is on the way!

  170. This would be great for my two rear-facing kiddos. My toddler is always hot anyway and not having any air blowing directly on him results in a hot sweaty little boy at the end of every ride.

  171. i would love to have one because our car doesn’t have very good air conditioning and it always gets so hot for my son.

  172. I live in Arizona and my poor son is always sweating when we get out of the car even with the AC turned up all the way.

  173. I’d love to have a noggle because I have two kids and live in Florida! Its hot as balls here!

  174. Iwould love to win one of these to help keep my toddler cool during the summer months

  175. My baby gets super hot just sleeping, much less riding around in a black car in the summer, this would be perfect for us!

  176. I would like one because I want to see if its really any better than what I made for myself. What I made is almost the same and only half the price. So I would like to win one to really compare if its worth spending the money or making your own.

  177. This would be great for my daughter. Every time I take her out of seat her back is super sweaty, even if her little tootsies are cold. It would be nice to aim some air at her torso.

  178. RF 2.5 yr old and newborn in SUV with a joke for rear air so this would be wonderful and a blessing!

  179. Having three kiddos in the back of my suburban makes for lots of heat….having the Noggle to go back there would be great for us.

  180. My car gets so warm in the second and third row :( It makes it extremely difficult to keep the rear facing kids cool in 100 degree weather.

  181. Would LOVE one of these for my 15mo RFing sweat box of a son! Poor dude is always SOAKED after 5 minutes in the car!

  182. We NEED this for my RF 2 year old daughter who throws a fit every time we try and leave because its “hot”. She would LOVE her own air in the back seat!

  183. We are going on a roadtrip at the beginning of August and this would be perfect to keep my little guy from overheating in his carseat!

  184. I would love one of these! There’s no air vents in the back of my jeep to keep my little man cool :(

  185. My boys would love this! This is definitely one way to keep them happy during the hot summer months!

  186. This seems to be an interesting concept. I’m always worried about my little guy getting too hot – he sweats to much in his sleep alone without being in a hot car!

  187. Wow, that thing looks amazing. I have never heard of this thing before. Would be wonderful for my kids to be cool in the third row.

  188. I am sure the kids would love this, especially since summers in Phoenix extend into October!

  189. With six kiddos in one vehicle, it gets veryyyyy toasty during the summer! I’d love to have a Noggle, they’re just not in my budget at this time! Very interesting concept! :)

  190. I have been looking into these and want one badly! My son gets so dang hot in his carseat!

  191. This summer has been exceptionally hot, and the rear never seems to cool down. Last week I pulled my son out of his seat and he was drenched in sweat :'(

  192. What a great way to keep a rear-facing toddler more comfortable!!! We have many vents in our SUV, but in our sedan it can get quite warm in the back even with the AC blasting in the front.

  193. I live in El Mirage, AZ and it’s now summertime, and the temperatures are 110 daily here! My son is 9 months old and always ends up with a sweaty back and head when we go for car rides, even if it is just 10 minutes long. I would love to have the noggle because i want to keep my son rear facing for as long as possible and keeping him cool and comfortable is very important to me!

  194. The noogle looks awesome a friend of mine is getting ready to try one out i hope I can have the opportunity to try one!

  195. This sounds like an awesome product! My kids are like me and can’t stand the heat so this would be a godsend, especially with my baby rear-facing.

  196. My kiddo would LOVE this. My car does not have vents in back and he is starting to get car sick from getting too hot. He has severe sensory issues and rolling the window down is a no go. It has really started to affect our travel decisions at this point. I was coming online to look for ideas when I saw this on my feed!

  197. Would love to win this! I have a baby due in September and that will make 3 in the back with no back vents!

  198. I’d love a Noggle so my little rear facing nuggets get some relief from the intense Floridian rays (no tinted windows or vents in the back). Like everyone here, I want them cool so even a trip as short as 20 mins away to the grocery won’t be a whiny, cranky one and mama can drive in cool quietness (that’s a word, right?).

  199. I live in a town where summers temperatures are consistently above 100 degrees. I would love to have the Noggle for my newborn daughter.

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