CPST Basics: A Love Song for the LATCH Manual

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2023)
2023 LATCH manual

2023 LATCH manual

When it comes to resources for child passenger safety technicians, the LATCH manual easily makes the short list of “must have” references. This handy book contains all kinds of helpful information for CPSTs, everything from short summaries of different car seats, lower anchor and top tether locations in almost every vehicle on the road today, plus the Holy Grail — the appendix that lists which vehicle and car seat manufacturers allow lower anchor borrowing or have a dedicated lower anchor in the rear center vehicle seat.  If you’ve ever asked a question in our Facebook group or on our Facebook page, chances are, the person helping you had their LATCH manual nearby, ready to assist.


CPST-I Kristen shared this beautiful rainbow with us!

The LATCH Manual is published by Safe Ride News and a new edition is available every odd-numbered year and the color changes with each edition.  Some of our team members have a couple of the colors on their shelves while others are slowly amassing a rainbow.

LATCH manuals over the years

LATCH manuals over the years

It is always exciting as an even-numbered year draws to a close and we make bets on what color the new edition will have and what new material it will cover. Safe Ride News also provides updates on their website whenever changes are made, those can be found here. CPSTs can create a profile and opt-in for emails whenever those changes are made as well.

Just another day in the life of a CPST

Just another day in the life of a CPST

We are always celebrating CPSTs, that celebration wouldn’t be complete without a celebration of this crucial reference.

LATCH manuals ready to go out to the CSFTL team

LATCH manuals ready to go out to the CSFTL team

The manual is available for sale by the individual book or in a bulk order for larger organizations. Some coalitions offer a LATCH manual to the CSPTs who work with them. The CSFTL team is ready to receive this batch of LATCH manuals and carry on with helping families.

LATCH Manuals aren't just for humans

LATCH Manuals aren’t just for humans

The LATCH manual has a wide appeal, not just for humans!

It's never too early to read the LATCH manual

It’s never too early to read the LATCH manual

This CSFTL kiddo is starting her CPST training early by doing a deep dive with the LATCH manual. Keep your eye on this next generation of CPSTs!

The LATCH Manual goes abroad!

The LATCH Manual goes abroad!

CSFTL Moderator Sammy is one of our resident UK CPS Advocates.  Her LATCH manual sees regular use, even from across the pond – brilliant!


Our CSFTL team of Minions is on the job.

The LATCH manual is available for order via the Safe Ride News website.  Sometime after you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive a real, live book, complete with that lovely new-book smell.

Finally, a quick note from Deborah Stewart and the Safe Ride News Team:

Dear Emma and colleagues at CSFTL,
We at SRN have all been blown away by your wonderful blog (and hilarious photos) about the LATCH Manual.  Thank you so much.
It is nice to know that the manual has made it across the pond to UK.  And I’d like to give a nod to Canadian CPSers.  A publication up there in the mid 1990s was my inspiration for the very first edition of the manual. It simply dealt with installing tether anchor kits, but was the genesis of this whole series.
If you’d be so kind as to post this on your blog comments, I’d appreciate it.
Again, thanks from all of us at SRN.
Deborah, Denise, Nan, Nancy, and Katrina