Britax ClickTight Concern

Britax ClickTight installed rear facing

Britax ClickTight installed rear facing

It has come to our attention that many of the Britax ClickTight convertible seats are being shipped without being assembled correctly.  The harness is attached an anchor on either side of the seat at the hips.  This anchor has a hook at the end that the harness must slide under to secure it.  Some ClickTight convertibles are being shipped with the harness on the anchor but slid under the hook.

DO NOT PANIC though!  This is an easy issue to resolve and once attached is not a safety concern.  We’re encouraging all parents/caregivers that use this seat to please check to make sure the harness is fully attached.  Here are some directions on what to look for and how to fix it.

Britax ClickTight harness anchors

Britax ClickTight harness anchor


1.  Open the ClickTight panel with the release on the front of the seat.

2.  On both sides of the open panel you will find the anchor the harness is attached to.



Britax ClickTight harness routing

Britax ClickTight harness routing






3. For children under 2 the harness will be threaded through, wrap around the bar, and attach to the anchor.
4.  For children over 2 and need a little extra harness the harness loop slides right onto the anchor.

Britax Click Tight correctly under hook

Britax ClickTight correctly under hook





5.  Make sure once the harness loop is attached to the anchor that it is also slid under the hook to keep it securely in place.


For more information and a more thorough video on how to adjust the harness straps view Britax’s video here.



The main thing to remember is to NOT PANIC.  It’s an easy remedy, but an important one.  Stay tuned here for any updates we may receive.