Canadian Diono Radian Memory Foam Recall

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RadianR100, RadianR120, RadianRXT, RadianGTX manufactured between January 2013 to November 2013

Model No.: C16600, C16800, C16900, C18600


Safety Risk:

Transport Canada’s compliance testing program revealed that without this foam insert, the loads felt by the 12-month old crash test dummy slightly exceeded the allowable limit. Transport Canada and Diono are concerned that in the event of a collision, a Radian restraint system not equipped with the memory foam insert may transmit excessive loads to the child occupant which could cause injury.

To date, there are no reported injuries associated with the exclusion of the memory foam.

Company Action:

Transport Canada and Diono have actively investigated the issue. Diono will contact all registered owners and provide them with instructions for inspecting their restraints, and obtaining the foam insert. Diono will also provide consumers with replacement foam, upon request.

Consumer Recourse:

Transport Canada and Diono are encouraging all consumers to inspect their child restraints and verify that the memory foam is installed (by un-fastening the j-clips holding the seat cover to the seat pan, and lifting the upholstery). If the foam is not present, affected non-registered consumers or registered consumers who have moved are encouraged to contact Diono at 1-866-954-9786for instructions on obtaining and installing the missing foam.