Canadian Recall: KidsEmbrace Combination Seat

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Kids Embrace Friendship Series Cinderella Combination Booster Seat

Kids Embrace Friendship Series Cinderella Combination Booster Seat

On August 5, 2016, Transport Canada announced a recall on the Kids Embrace Friendship Series Combination Booster Seat. The affected seats were manufactured between January and November, 2015 and include Cinderella, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Leo and Spiderman.

The Issue

The lower connector system (UAS or LATCH) is too long to pass Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations. As it does not meet legal specifications, it may make it difficult to attach the lower anchors. When using the lower anchors to install, a seat that is not properly attached would not be safe. 

Britax Click Tight convertible lower anchor connectors

Lower Anchor Connectors

Next Steps

As the non compliant part is the lower anchor connectors, a seat belt installation bypasses the issue entirely. In other words, these seats are safe to use with seat belt installations. Caregivers with affected seats should be sure that their seat is properly installed with the seat belts and contact KidsEmbrace for a replacement lower connector system. There is no need to return these seats to a store or the manufacturer.

Read the full text of Transport Canada’s recall here

KidsEmbrace can be contacted via phone at 1-866-947-3287 or email: [email protected]