Canadian RECARO Performance RIDE Recall

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2017)

Models affected:

RECARO Performance RIDE

Model Numbers:
337.01.MNGT, 337.01.KNGT, 337.01.VIBE, 337.01.REDD


Dates of Manufacture:

2015-10-13 to 2015-11-03

(Sold between 2015-10-15 and 2015-11-13)


Customer Contact:

Email: [email protected]



RECARO Child Safety and Transport Canada wish to inform the public of a non-compliance involving certain Performance RIDE restraint systems. The date of manufacture on the side of the child restraint was misprinted and may be inconsistent with normal date formats.


Safety Risk:
Consumers with affected product will not be able to identify when their product was manufactured and therefore will not know when the product has passed its expiry date.


Company Action:
RECARO has informed retailers to stop selling the Performance RIDE and to return inventory for corrective action. RECARO will replace the label on all affected products, and will issue a new UPC code to ensure that no affected products are inadvertently sold. RECARO will contact all registered owners with instructions on how to obtain a repair kit for the affected restraint systems, free of charge. The repair kit will consist of a replacement date label so that the correct age of the restraint is represented.


Consumer Recourse:
Parents and caregivers may check the manufacture date on their child restraint to see if it is affected by this notice. The manufacture date can be found on a white label on the left side of the child restraint, and affected restraints can be identified by text that is inconsistent with normal date formats:

(YYYY | MM | DD)

RECARO Performance RIDE sticker with date of manufacture

RECARO Performance RIDE sticker with date of manufacture


Parents and caregivers should contact RECARO Child Safety LLC by email or by phone for instructions on obtaining the replacement label. The affected seats should not be returned to retailers or the company.