Ride Safer Travel Vest Review

That mid-sized sedan you bought a few years ago really made sense for your family. You’ve got two kids, you commute, and you didn’t want a car payment or a second mortgage to cover fuel costs.

And it was working just fine until this afternoon, when the neighbor asked you if you would pick up her kid from school along with yours.


Graco TurboBooster Review

The Graco TurboBooster is likely the most popular booster seat on the market today. It has so much going for it — it’s light weight, easy to use, and fits most children well. The same basic design has been available for well over a decade. Child Passenger Safety Technicians and caregivers alike are fans of the TurboBooster because of its simplicity and excellent belt positioning. At the very reasonable $50-$60 price for the highback version, and $30 or less for the backless version, it’s an excellent option for many families.


BubbleBum Review

Looking for a good booster seat that doesn’t take up much room and comes in a bag? Yup – a bag! The BubbleBum is a FMVSS 213 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) approved booster seat that is inflatable, and small enough to fit in a bag. It is made from durable materials; similar to that used to make life vests and other life saving products. It has even passed standards in its deflated state in case it were to be punctured in a crash. It’s easy to inflate and even self inflates to a certain extent when taken out of the bag.