Evenflo Big Kid/Amp Review

Looking for an inexpensive or lightweight booster, or something narrow for your three across? The Evenflo Big Kid (LX or Sport)/Amp may be for you! These boosters function as high back and backless boosters.


CSFTL Quick Stats

  • High back booster weight range: 30-100 lbs. (Canadian versions of this seat have a 40-100 lbs. weight limit)
  • High back booster height range: 38-57″
  • Backless booster weight range: 40-110 lbs.
  • Backless booster height range: 40-57″
  • Highest booster guide position: 19″
  • Expiration: 6 years
  • IIHS Best Bet for backless mode only


Evenflo Big Kid, hbb, nbb, booster, Amp, Big Kid Sport

Evenflo Big Kid head rest adjustment


All models adjust easily by squeezing the handle on the back of the top of the headrest. The tallest of the six headrest positions is approximately 18.5″. You can use the back until the child’s shoulders go over the belt guide in the highest adjusted position. The seat then easily converts to backless mode or the Amp can be bought backless as well. The Big Kid/Amp only require a vehicle headrest behind them when used in backless mode. The seat can be used backless until the upper weight limit, 57″, or the tops of the child’s ears are over the seat back or headrest. The seat does come with a seatbelt adjuster as well to help obtain proper fit when used in backless mode. Backless boosters are best reserved for full-time use in the 8+ crowd as it does take more skill to stay upright if the child does fall asleep in it. For short-term use,  age 6 and up would be appropriate.




Evenflo Amp, Evenflo Big Kid, nbb, hbb, improper use, sleeping in booster, booster

Dangerous booster use while sleeping in an Evenflo Big Kid


Fit to Child

High Back Mode

Body slump while sleeping was the biggest downfall of this seat. This is obviously unsafe and improper use. This 6 year old was fine when a forward facing seat was next to her, but when it was switched out for a rear facing one, this started to happen. She had to get her a new booster with more support for her head and torso to keep her upright when she fell asleep.



Evenflo Rightfit, Right Fit, backless booster, booster, hbb, nbb, Big Kid, Radian

Evenflo RightFit, Diono RadianRXT, Evenflo Big Kid


The Evenflo Big Kid/Amp worked great in a three across with quite a few seats. Unlike other seats in the Town and Country, it had no belt retraction issues with this seat if the child were to lean forward. The belt retracted smoothly and maintained its position flat against the child’s chest. The Evenflo Big Kid would be recommended when cost is a concern or three across is needed. This is the Evenflo RightFit, Diono RadianXT, and Evenflo Big Kid LX in the third row of a 2007 Town and Country.


Evenflo Big Kid, hbb, nbb, booster, Amp, Big Kid Sport, Huggable Images

Evenflo Big Kid, backless- Chloe, 6 yrs., 46 lbs., 48 inches



Backless Mode

This is Chloe, she is the CSFTL 6-year-old Huggable Images doll. She’s 48 inches and 46 lbs. and fits great in the backless Evenflo Amp. The Amp does come with a seat belt adjuster guide, but even without using it, seat belt offers a proper fit.




Important Information: Where to Find

Evenflo Big Kid/Amp expiration sticker and manual storage

Evenflo Big Kid/Amp expiration sticker and manual storage

Expiration  The Evenflo Big Kid/Amp has a 6 year expiration. If you turn the booster over, you will see the sticker containing the date of manufacture, model name, and expiration date, as well as the manual storage area.


Manual Storage  The manual is stored on the bottom of the seat as shown in the picture to the left. This is helpful as you will always have the manual available when needed.


FAA Approval  This seat is not FAA approved, but because of it’s more compact size, it would work well as a carry on for the child to use at their final destination.



  • Inexpensive
  • Does not require vehicle head support
  • Converts to backless


  • Not much head/torso support
  • No lower anchors

Overall Thoughts

The most important part of using a booster seat is that the child is mature enough to sit properly for the entire ride, and that the belt fits properly. A good booster fit positions the shoulder belt even across the torso – not sliding off the shoulder or cutting into the face; the lap belt should be low on the hips, touching the tops of the thighs.


The Evenflo AMP High Back Booster and Evenflo Amp No Back Booster  versions are available on Amazon.com. It features built-in elastic cup holders and non-movable arms. The Big Kid Sport is similar to the Amp and is available at Wal-Mart.




ev-353_1zThe Evenflo Big Kid LX is only available in high back, but does convert to a backless booster. It features pull out cup holders on each side and flip-up arms. My kids found no difference in the ability to buckle themselves in with either type of armrest.



evenflorightfitThe Evenflo RightFit Booster  is a slight variation of the Amp. It has the same bottom footprint, but much more sizable headrest and torso padding.


Neither Evenflo nor Amazon sponsored this review; as always, the opinions expressed are all mine!