Unbuckle Me Review

At Car Seats for the Littles, we draw a pretty hard line around what we will and won’t review. Please act surprised when I say that 99% of the time, our reviews are solely about car seats. So when a product comes along that isn’t a car seat, and you’re seeing it here, that’s because

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Hello Winter, Goodbye Coats!

The weather is getting cool, so it is time to ditch the coat. Wait, is that right? Ok, you have to wear a coat sometimes in the winter, but in your vehicle is not usually one of those times. If you or your children have to wear a coat though, here are some safer ways to stay warm on the road.


Seat Protectors At a Glance

Caregivers often ask if it’s safe to use a seat protector between the vehicle seat and the car seat.

Our stance on this issue? Avoid using a seat protector if at all possible. Why?

Our article on Seat Protectors takes an in-depth look at the issues and offers some information on keeping your vehicle seats neat and tidy.


Protecting the Back Seat From Dirty Feet!

Little ones can make big messes! Rear facing is safer for your child, but it sure can make a mess of your vehicle seat. What can be done about the dirt and grime left by little feet? There are several options for covering the seat from repurposing household baby related items, or other basic items, to purchasing specialty mats.


Seat Protectors

One question we see a lot as CSPTs is, “how do I protect my vehicle’s seats when a car seat is installed?” It’s a valid question, especially for expectant parents who wonder what the car seat will do to a vehicle’s interior which was previously untouched by car seats and ground goldfish crackers.


The Cozywoggle: Car Seat Friendly Jacket for your Littles

Winter can be tough! Getting your Littles from the house to the car without getting too cold can be such a challenge. Bulky winter coats keep those kiddos warm but they present a safety risk when worn in the car. One option that keeps Littles warm and safe at the same time is the Cozywoggle. We’d heard so many great things about this product, we couldn’t wait to try one on our own Littles!


Buckle Bopper Car Seat Release Tool Review

One of the struggles we hear about from caregivers centers around unbuckling their Littles from a harnessed car seat.

Sometimes, caregivers are eager to transition their Littles to a booster too soon because the struggle to unbuckle becomes unbearable. Whether due to arthritis, a Little who struggles during the process, or cracked skin, this can become a real problem.