Buckle Bopper Car Seat Release Tool Review

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The Buckle Bopper

The Buckle Bopper

One of the struggles we hear about from caregivers centers around unbuckling their Littles from a harnessed car seat.

Sometimes, caregivers are eager to transition their Littles to a booster too soon because the struggle to unbuckle becomes unbearable.  Whether due to arthritis, a Little who struggles during the process, or cracked skin, this can become a real problem.  Rather than make that switch to a booster too soon, we’ve got an option!

The Buckle Bopper is a handy gadget that fits in the palm of your hand and  helps with the unbuckling process.  It’s made of lightweight plastic and is covered with green rubber and it takes the direct pressure off of your fingers when releasing your Littles from their harnessed seats.

The Buckle Bopper fits in the palm of your hand

The Buckle Bopper fits in the palm of your hand

The Buckle Bopper is a simple solution to many of the struggles our caregivers report.  Instead of putting pressure on the small red button on the crotch buckle of their Little’s car seat with just a thumb or finger, the Buckle Bopper spreads the force around the palm of your hand.

Useful Scenarios

Arthritis or hand injuries: One caregiver we know struggles with arthritis.  When her Buckle Bopper turned up missing, she was unable to release her Littles from the car.  The kindness of a passer-by saved the day but she went home and ordered a set of backup Buckle Boppers so she’d never be stranded again!

Cracked Fingers: when the cold of winter leads to cracked fingers and thumbs, releasing Littles from their seats becomes an intensely painful endeavor.  The Buckle Bopper makes that process quite a bit easier since there’s no direct pressure on the finger required.

The Buckle Bopper helps mature Littles unbuckle themselves

The Buckle Bopper helps mature Littles unbuckle themselves

Independent Littles: whether it’s for the school drop off line, or because there are many Littles in the car that require the caregiver to release them, or just because the Little in question would like a little more independence, the Buckle Bopper is useful for children as well.  Many older children can use the Buckle Bopper to release their own harness — this can be really handy as long as the child is mature enough to do this at the correct time.


The Buckle Bopper stores in its clip on holster

When the Buckle Bopper isn’t in use, it stores inside the included clip on holster.

If a Buckle Bopper might be just the answer to your worries, order your very own Buckle Bopper from Amazon.com!