Cosco Light ‘n Comfy Review

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One of the rear facing only seats on our recommended list has gotten a makeover!  Like most good makeovers, only a few things have changed. Without further ado, we present to you, the Cosco Light ‘n Comfy.

CSFTL Quick Stats


Cosco Light ‘n Comfy

  • Weight range: 4-22 pounds
  • Height range: Up to 29 inches tall
  • Shell height: 19 inches
  • Lowest harness position: 5.5 inches
  • Weight (carrier only): 8.9 pounds
  • Expiration: Seats with a manufacture date prior to December 14, 2013: 6 years
    Seats with a manufacture date after December 14, 2013: 8 years
  • Handle: any locked position


  • Lower Anchor Storage hooks
  • Optional head support
  • 4 Harness slots
  • Front Adjust harness



Cosco Light ‘n Comfy seat belt installation

Installation of the Light ‘n Comfy is very straightforward, both with the base and without.  The only downside to the installation of the seat is that if you have vehicle seats that are sloped, you will need a tightly rolled towel, or a pool noodle to obtain the proper recline.


Cosco Light ‘n Comfy lower anchor installation

There are other versions of this seat, including the Luxe, that do come with a recline foot to assist with the correct recline.  There is a line on the side of the seat for obtaining the correct recline.  When the line is parallel with the ground, the seat is at the correct recline.

Installation With the Base


Cosco Light ‘n Comfy lower anchor connector storage

When installing with the base, you can use either the lower anchors or the vehicle seat belt for installation.  If you choose to use the seat belt, there are hooks inside of the base for the storage of the lower anchors.  The belt path for installation is clearly marked. The base and the way the carrier fits into the base are the two major changes from the Comfy Carry.


Cosco Light ‘n Comfy vs Cosco Comfy Carry base

The shape of the base is updated, and rather than attaching to the base closer to the feet, the Light ‘n Comfy carrier attaches further back on the base.  This makes it easier to snap the seat into the base, as the lower anchor straps are less likely to get in the way of setting the carrier in the base.

Installation Without the Base


Cosco Light ‘n Comfy baseless installation

Installation without the base is a convenient feature that saves money. This eliminates the need to purchase a base for different cars, or worry about uninstalling the base if baby spends the day with grandma or at the sitter’s. The belt path for the installation without the base is clearly marked, with guides for the lap portion of the belt.  If you are using a lap and shoulder belt, only the lap portion of the belt goes through the guides. Always make sure that you lock your seat belt whenever you are installing a seat.


Cosco Light ‘n Comfy stroller connectors

Using the Carrier

The carrier is very easy to use and at only 8.9 pounds, the carrier is among the lightest weight carriers on the market.  One important thing to note is that there are two red knobs on the side of the seat.  These knobs are what locks the seat into a stroller, so there is no need to panic if these don’t hook into the base.

Fit to Child

Preemie – 4 pounds, 17 inches long


Cosco Light ‘n Comfy Preemie doll: 4 pounds, 17 inches long

Our Huggable Images preemie doll weighs 4 pounds and is 17 inches long. The fit is the same on the Light ‘n Comfy as it was on the Comfy Carry. The Light ‘n Comfy offers an excellent fit for both newborns and preemies. 

With 5.5 inch lowest harness slots, this seat offers the correct fit for even the tiniest of newborns. When a child is in a rear facing seat, the harness straps need to be AT or BELOW shoulder level.


Cosco Light ‘n Comfy small infant crotch buckle position

The biggest feature of the seat is that it allows you to reroute the crotch buckle, so that there is no slack, removing the need for a crotch roll.  The seat does come with a head support, but similar to the head support that came with the Comfy Carry, it can be cumbersome to use.  I found that especially when using it on the lowest slot, the head support was prone to bunching up behind the baby.

Newborn Doll – 7 pounds, 17 inches long


Cosco Light ‘n Comfy Newborn doll: 7 pounds, 17 inches long

Our Huggable Images newborn doll weighs 7 pounds and is 17 inches long. The fit for the newborn is just as optimal as it is for the preemie. Once again, I found the head rest on the seat to be more in the way than helpful.  The ability to route the crotch buckle as noted above is beneficial to the newborn fit as well.  There is no weight limit on this special routing, however it can only be used in the innermost buckle slot. Use the buckle slot closest to your child without them sitting on the buckle.


The Light ‘n Comfy is a very budget friendly seat.  This seat can usually be found for less than $70, it’s a basic seat that does the job well. That doesn’t mean it’s lacking ease of use features for the caregivers. The lower anchor storage hooks on the base keep them out-of-the-way when not in use.  The seat is the lightest weight rear facing only carrier on the market.  The seat also boasts a nice sunshade that can be moved to adjust to babies needs and block out the sun.  With 4 harness slots, and 3 crotch strap positions, it’s easy to find a position to fit your baby correctly.   The seat and the base are also both FAA certified, with the sticker stating this on the right side of the seat. The cover on the seat is easy to wipe off  and easy to remove.  The manual does recommend hand washing the cover.  It’s also important to note to never submerge the straps of your car seat.

Important Information: Where to Find


Cosco Light ‘n Comfy FAA approval sticker

FAA Approval

The Light ‘n Comfy is approved for use on airplanes. The FAA approval sticker is located to the left of the baby’s head.  The date of manufacture is also located on this sticker.

Cosco Light n Comfy expires in December of the 6th year after manufacture

Cosco Light n Comfy expires December of the 6th year after manufacture


The Light ‘n Comfy expires December of the 6th year.  The year the seat expires is stamped into the mold of the seat, on the back.


  • Allows handle in any position
  • Fits preemies and small infants well


  • No seat belt lock-off
  • Some models have a rear adjust harness (CSFTL recommends the front adjust harness model)

Overall Thoughts

Since writing the review of the Comfy Carry Elite, it is no secret that I’m quick to recommend the seat.  The same goes for the Light ‘n Comfy, especially with the updated base. It’s a budget friendly, easy to use, and light rear facing only seat.  While it does have lower height and weight limits vs other rear facing only seats, it still provides a fantastic fit, especially for preemies.

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While Cosco provided the seat free of charge to the author, Cosco did not pay for or influence this review.   All opinions expressed, as always, are entirely our own.