Evenflo Car Seat Buckle Recall

Evenflo Buckle Recall

Evenflo Buckle Recall

Evenflo has made the decision to recall the buckles on certain models of car seats.  Similar to the recall of certain types of buckles on Graco convertible and combination seats, the crotch buckle on these seats can become difficult to release.  This recall does NOT affect the safety of these seats in a crash.

If you have a seat that is affected by the recall and are experiencing difficulties with releasing the crotch buckle, you can contact Evenflo for a replacement buckle by placing an order, or calling them at 1-800-490-7591.  Evenflo is asking that you NOT return the seat to stores.

The following seats have been recalled. If you have a seat with a model number prefix that is included, but is not within the date of manufacture ranges that is listed, your seat has NOT been recalled.

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On October 24, 2014, Evenflo added select versions of the Evenflo Embrace 35 rear facing only seat. ***Not all Embrace 35 models in the list above and manufactured in the December 1, 2011-May 31, 2013 date range are impacted. Consumers who believe they may own a car seat subject to this recall should input their model number and date of manufacture or call Evenflo toll-free at 1-800-490-7591, to determine if your child’s Embrace 35 is included in the recall and to obtain a free remedy kit.

Model Numbers: 30711365, 31511040, 31511323, 31511400, 3151198, 3151953, 31521138, 46811205, 46811237, 48111200, 48111215, 48111215A, 48111218, 48111234, 48111235, 48111235A, 48111462, 48411391, 48411391D, 48411392, 48411504, 48411504D, 52911307A, 52921040, 55311138, 55311238, and 55311292
Dates of Manufacture: Various from December 1, 2011-May 31, 2013***

You can find the information needed to order a new buckle on a sticker like this on your seat.

Replacement buckles come in two varieties, and include instructions on how to replace the buckle.

There are two varities of replacement buckles, each buckle includes instructions on how to install the replacement buckle.

Evenflo Replacement Buckles

Evenflo Replacement Buckles