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Car Seat Misuse Comparison

Yesterday we posted the picture on the left on our Facebook page and asked you all to guess all of the misuses. You guys did great! Today, we’ve corrected everything for the photo on the right, which is an example of proper buckling. Here are all the answers with explanations:

1) Remove the infant head and body support – they did not come with this seat, and cannot be used. If an infant needs extra support to keep from slumping to the side, you may use rolled up receiving blankets as demonstrated in the second picture. Only place them once the child has been properly secured in the harness.

2) Remove the bear harness comfort pads – you can pull up the neck of the child’s shirt up to protect their neck if they’re uncomfortable. Some seats come with comfort pads, those are fine to use but you may not add them if they did not come with the seat from the manufacturer.

3) Lower the harness straps – this little cutie rides rear facing, so the harness needs to be at or below the shoulders.

4) Tighten harness – The harness needs to pass the pinch test.

5) Retainer clip moved up – The retainer clip needs to be on the chest at armpit level.


The bottom line: remember always to read your manual for directions on how to properly use your seat, and if it didn’t come in the box with the car seat, don’t add it in!