(Last Updated On: August 15, 2015)
#mywhy for using my seats correctly

#mywhy for using my seats correctly

This year’s Child Passenger Safety week is focusing on #mywhy.  What does that mean, exactly? It’s sharing your reason for your passion for child passenger safety: your WHY. By using #mywhy, caregivers can pledge their commitment to proper car seat usage and explain why that’s important to them personally. This includes registering their car seats and booster seats! #mywhy can be used anywhere on social media: FacebookTwitter, Instagram and beyond. It can be as simple as a picture.



Our team is made up of 24 individuals who are committed to child passenger safety. We are based across the US, and even have two international team members: one in Canada and the other in the UK. The common thread we all share is a passion for child passenger safety, we each have a #mywhy that is a little bit different. Here are a few of them.




These guys will always be a large part of our #mywhy. These Littles count on us every day to make sure they’re riding safely and we take that responsibility to heart every time they climb in the back seat.

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Kiddy World Plus

Kiddy World Plus

Cruiserfix Pro

Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro

We want to hear your story. What’s your #mywhy? Share it with us to have a chance at winning your choice of a Kiddy World Plus combination seat or Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro booster seat. The safest seat is the one that fits your vehicle, fits your child, and can be used correctly every time. Our friends at Kiddy have made a unique pair of seats in the World Plus and the Cruiserfix Pro, check out the reviews linked above and then tell us your #mywhy to win a Kiddy seat of your choice using the Rafflecopter widget below. Congrats to our winner, Lillian M.!




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