Sparco No-Back Booster Canadian Recall

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Models affected:

Brand: Sparco
Model Number: 00924AZ+NRGR (199-5955 found on the receipt)
UPC Code: 887174108011

Dates of Manufacture:


Number of Units:


Geographical Distribution:

Across Canada


Transport Canada wishes to inform the public of a non-compliance with the Sparco No-Back Booster seat. The fabric cover of the affected booster seats does not conform to the flammability requirements indicated in the Motor Vehicle Restraint Systems and Booster Seats Safety Regulations.

Safety Risk:

Transport Canada’s compliance testing program revealed this concern and notified the company. In the case of a vehicle fire, the fabric cover may not self-extinguish or may burn too quickly, accelerating the spread of the fire.

Company Action:

Canadian Tire issued a withdrawal order instructing stores to destroy any remaining units. Posters were placed in stores informing customers of the issue with the product and to return it to their local Canadian Tire store for refund. Canadian Tire has contacted consumers who purchased the product using their Canadian Tire Mastercard.

Consumer Recourse:

Consumers should discontinue use of their product once they have obtained an alternative booster seat and return the affected product to the store. All Canadian Tire stores have been instructed to refund any consumer who returns their booster seat.