Huggable Images Dolls Review

We would like to take this time to introduce the newest members of the CSFTL family.

These awesome additions were provided by Huggable Images, a company that makes safety training dolls and custom huggables. Huggable Images has given us the opportunity to take their dolls for a test drive and see what we think. You’ll be seeing these dolls in our reviews down the road to fill in the gaps where we don’t have children the correct age/size to fit the seat we’re reviewing. Today we’ll be looking at these dolls on their own to see how they stack up to real life children.


Safety 1st Elite 80 Air + Review

The new Elite 80 Air from Safety 1st, (a Dorel subsidiary) addresses these problems brilliantly, and quite frankly, hit it out of the park for the 3-in-1 model. While it still will not be the only seat a family needs to buy, I can comfortably say that it will last most children from birth to age 8, and after that, a backless booster is only a few dollars.


Evenflo RightFit Review

It is well-known on the CSFTL website that kids need to be in boosters until 10-12 years old, but finding the booster that fits your child well, fits your vehicle well, and will last can be tough. Evenflo has finally brought their E3 technology into the booster world and their new booster might be that perfect one for you! Check out the RightFit that Evenflo so generously provided for this review!


Ride Safer Travel Vest Review

That mid-sized sedan you bought a few years ago really made sense for your family. You’ve got two kids, you commute, and you didn’t want a car payment or a second mortgage to cover fuel costs.

And it was working just fine until this afternoon, when the neighbor asked you if you would pick up her kid from school along with yours.