Graco RightGuide Review

While knowledge about the safety benefits of riding rear facing longer and keeping children in harnessed car seats until they’re ready for booster seats seems to be spreading through the parenting community, we still see (both online and in person) that many families abandon their child’s booster seat before the child can pass the Five

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BubbleBum Review — Updated Belt Guides

The BubbleBum has been a favorite CSFTL carpool option since the first days of our existence. Our 2013 review put the older version of this portable, inflatable, backless booster through the paces. Since then, the belt guides have been redesigned so we thought now was a good time to take a look at this updated seat.


Carpooling Options for Big Kids

Though the laws in many states require a car seat or booster until children are 8 years old, the laws of physics work a little differently. Until your Big Kid can pass the Five Step Test, in many cases, the Right Seat for big kids and tweens is some type of booster.

Why? Because the lap/shoulder belt may not fit properly without a little help from a booster, even on kids between 8-12 years old.