Graco TurboBooster Recall

Graco has issued a recall for the Turbobooster manufactured from December 22, 2015 to April 5, 2016. This is not a life-safety recall. You may continue to use your seat. The manual omitted the required directive to secure the seat when unoccupied to prevent it becoming a projectile.


Graco TurboBooster LX Review

The original Graco TurboBooster has been a CSFTL favorite for quite some time. It’s lightweight, fits smaller children well, and is almost foolproof to use properly. When Graco showed us a sneak peek at the updated TurboBooster LX during the ABC Kids show last fall, we had a hard time imagining how they could possibly improve such a solid seat until all was revealed.


High Back Boosters for Big Kids (and their younger siblings)

While there’s no set time or age for moving your child from a high back booster to a backless booster, we tend to suggest making this move when the child is able to sit properly all of the time.

Since not all big kids are ready for the responsibility of sitting properly without the reminder that the shoulder and head sections of the high back booster can provide, members of our Facebook group ask which boosters might last the longest or be the best value.


Carpooling Options for Big Kids

Though the laws in many states require a car seat or booster until children are 8 years old, the laws of physics work a little differently. Until your Big Kid can pass the Five Step Test, in many cases, the Right Seat for big kids and tweens is some type of booster.

Why? Because the lap/shoulder belt may not fit properly without a little help from a booster, even on kids between 8-12 years old.


Comparison of Backless Boosters Under $20

Is the big Little in your life ready for a backless booster? Maybe your 8 year old is too tall for their high back booster or your 7 year old needs something more portable for carpooling. There are many choices when it comes to backless boosters. How do you choose which booster will work for you? Let’s narrow the options and look at some boosters that cost less than $20.