Evenflo Symphony Review

Evenflo offers a wide range of car seats and booster seats.  In the middle of their lineup of convertible and multimode car seats is the well-featured Symphony.  This plush car seat isn’t particularly long lasting or easy to move between vehicles but it has plenty of interesting features to offer. CSFTL Quick Stats Rear facing

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Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit Review

Graco already has an impressive lineup of long-lasting convertible car seats.  The 4Ever Extend2Fit is a combination of two other popular seats: the Extend2Fit and the 4Ever.
The 4Ever Extend2Fit combines the 4Ever’s four modes of use: rear facing, forward facing, high back, and backless booster with the Extend2Fit’s 50 pound rear facing weight limit and extendable foot tray.


The Last Car Seat You’ll Ever Need!

“Longest lasting seat on the market!”

“The last seat you’ll ever need!”

These phrases are music to a frazzled parent’s ears: researching and choosing a car seat is confusing, time-consuming and the idea of doing it all over again in a few years (or months!) can make even the most calm and collected of parents want to sell their car and move to the city. But sadly, car seats are not one size fits all, and marketing claims aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.