Urbini Sonti Review

(Last Updated On: March 26, 2019)

Urbini hit the ball out of the park with initial release of the Urbini Petal car seat and now have a new rear facing only car seat that has done the same, the Urbini Sonti.  Urbini was gracious enough to allow us to review this new addition to their product line. Like the Petal before it, the Sonti doesn’t disappoint!

Urbini Sonti

Urbini Sonti

CSFTL Quick Stats

  • Weight range: 4-35 pounds
  • Height range: up to 32 inches tall
  • Lowest harness position: 4.5 inches
  • Weight (carrier only): 7.2 pounds
  • Expiration: 6 years
  • Handle position: Any locked position


  • 3 position adjustable crotch strap (3.5, 5, and 6 inches from the back of the seat shell)
  • 3 position adjustable hip straps
  • Extra grip lockoff on car seat base
  • 4 position adjustable recline positions
  • Multi-age recline indicator
  • Push button lower anchor connectors
  • Infant insert


  • Shell height:  19.5 inches

Unique Features

Urbini Sonti crotch & hip positions

Urbini Sonti crotch & hip positions

Three position adjustable crotch strap (3.5, 5, and 6 inches from the back of the seat) and three position adjustable hip straps makes the Sonti a very adjustable rear facing only seat that fits both little and big infants.

Urbini Sonti lockoff

Urbini Sonti lockoff

Extra grip lockoff on the car seat base works helps installing with the vehicle seat belt by not having to worry about how your seat belt locks.  Just push the black tab on the end of it out of the way and swing the arm up.  Then buckle and pull all the slack out of the belt (don’t tighten as it makes the lock off near impossible to close and it isn’t necessary) and push the arm down.

Urbini Sonti recline knob and positions

Urbini Sonti recline knob and positions

Four position adjustable recline positions allows the seat to be adjusted to a wide range of recline levels to fit a wide variety of vehicles and child sizes.  The knob adjuster makes the adjusting the recline as easy as the turn of a knob as well.

Urbini Sonti multi-age recline indicator

Urbini Sonti multi-age recline indicator

Multi-age recline indicator allows larger infants to sit more upright.  As infants get older/larger, they tend to like to sit more upright and this allows the parent/caregiver to adjust it for the child’s preference.

Urbini Sonti push button lower anchor connectors

Urbini Sonti push button lower anchor connectors

Push button lower anchor connectors makes for an easier installation.  You just push the lower anchors on and you’re set.

Urbini Sonti infant insert

Urbini Sonti infant insert

Infant insert can be used at any weight.  The Sonti doesn’t come with a separate preemie insert, but the infant insert that comes with the seat does a great job of positioning even the 4 pound model we used.


  • Expiration: 6 years
  • Handle position: Any locked position
  • Lower anchor connectors may be used for spacing larger than 11″ ONLY if your vehicle manufacturer allows it.

With the Base

Urbini Sonti base installation

Urbini Sonti base installation

Installation with the base is as easy as sitting the base on the vehicle seat, adjusting to the correct recline, flipping the lock off up, attaching either the lower anchors or seat belt, closing the lock off and you’re done.  Truly one of the easiest installations I’ve had with all the rear facing only seats I’ve installed.  One tip to remember is to not totally tighten the lower anchor connector strap or seat belt.  It just needs to have the slack pulled out.  If you tighten too much, it makes it near impossible to close the lock off.

Without the Base

Urbini Sonti baseless installation

Urbini Sonti baseless installation

Installation without the base is just as simple.  Follow the red line at the bottom of the car seat, stand behind the seat pressing your weight into the seat back, thread the lap belt portion of the seat belt through the belt guides, buckle and lock the belt.  Check out our Lock it Up article to find out more about how seat belt lock.  The Sonti doesn’t allow Euro routing, so the shoulder belt needs to lay against the vehicle seat and the lap belt through the belt guides on the car seat.  Euro routing is an additional installation method where the shoulder belt routes behind the car seat usually making the installation a bit tighter than without.  The Urbini Petal allows this install method, whereas the Sonti does not.

Fit to Child

  • Weight range: 4-35 pounds
  • Height range: up to 32 inches tall or when the child’s head is 1″ from the top of the head to the top of the shell

Adjustable hip and crotch strap information

Urbini Sonti Hip and crotch strap positions

Urbini Sonti hip and crotch strap positions

Due to the variety of hip and crotch strap positions, there is a wide variation of when to move each strap.  There is no required age/size to move either piece, but the Sonti manual does a great job of explaining which position each strap should be in.

Preemie Doll

Urbini Sonti Preemie doll, 4 pounds, 17"

Urbini Sonti Preemie, 4 pounds, 17″

Our preemie Huggable Images doll weighs 4 pounds and is 17 inches long. The Sonti fit her very well. Her shoulders were just barely above the lowest harness slot.  Since she’s under 8 pounds, the infant insert was used and the crotch and hip straps were in the smallest positions.


Urbini Sonti Fiona - Newborn, 7 pounds, 17"

Urbini Sonti Newborn doll, 7 pounds, 17 inches long

Our newborn Huggable Images doll weighs 7 pounds and is 17 inches long. She had a great fit as well on the smallest harness positions with the infant insert.  Her shoulders were also just barely above the bottom harness slot.


Urbini Sonti - 13 months, 23 pounds, 30″

Urbini Sonti: 13 months old, 23 pounds, 30 inches tall

This model is close to the height limit of the Sonti.  He has about an inch before the top of his head is 1″ from the top of the seat’s shell. It would be outgrown at that point.  With how much his growth has slowed down though, this could be several more months.  I love how tall the Sonti is and this little guy has a great fit with the harness in the second to top harness slot.  He hasn’t had any complaints about this seat.

Important Information: Where to Find

Urbini Sonti Date of manufacture and expiration

Date of Manufacture and Expiration can be found on the underside of the car seat and on the inside of the base, along with on page 11 of the owner’s manual.

Urbini Sonti FAA certification

The FAA approval label is on the back of the carrier portion of the seat. The carrier portion of the seat is approved for use on airplanes. It’s also listed and on page 12 of the owner’s manual.

Urbini Car Seat Comparisons

Urbini car seat comparison

Urbini car seat comparison

Urbini carries both the Petal rear facing only car seat and the Sonti.  The Petal can be purchased on its own for about $100 from Walmart.  The Sonti can only be purchased with the Emi travel system for around $250 also from Walmart.  Both are a great deal for a great car seat.  Check out some of their differences below.
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Overall Impressions

Urbini Emi Travel System_Red_preferred press photo_3000wI have really been impressed with the Sonti.  It’s one of the last rear facing only seats that still fits my 13 month old, yet also fits little newborns and preemies well.  It is a decently tall seat, so it does take up a fair amount of front to back room.  It’s a nice inexpensive long-lasting rear facing only seat though.  If you’re in the market for a travel system, it’s definitely a great way to go.

Interested in the Sonti for yourself?  Since it can only be purchased in the Emi travel system, Urbini is allowing us to give away the complete travel system (stroller + car seat) to one lucky reader.  To find out more about the stroller, check Walmart.com.  To enter, follow the directions on the Rafflecopter widget at the end of the review.

The Urbini Sonti is sold as part of a travel system online at Walmart.com.

Urbini generously provided this seat for review, but CSFTL was not compensated for this review, opinions are all our own. Originally written by Angela Tastad. Edits maintained by CSFTL.