High Back Boosters for Big Kids (and their younger siblings)

While there’s no set time or age for moving your child from a high back booster to a backless booster, we tend to suggest making this move when the child is able to sit properly all of the time.

Since not all big kids are ready for the responsibility of sitting properly without the reminder that the shoulder and head sections of the high back booster can provide, members of our Facebook group ask which boosters might last the longest or be the best value.


Carpooling Options for Big Kids

Though the laws in many states require a car seat or booster until children are 8 years old, the laws of physics work a little differently. Until your Big Kid can pass the Five Step Test, in many cases, the Right Seat for big kids and tweens is some type of booster.

Why? Because the lap/shoulder belt may not fit properly without a little help from a booster, even on kids between 8-12 years old.


Lil Fan Club Seat Booster Review

I first met the Lil Fan booster seats at the ABC Kids Expo last fall. It took all of about two seconds for me to find the booster wearing the Ohio State cover and sidle up for a closer look. As a lifelong Buckeye fan, and fan of car seats, clearly it was fate that I met this seat. Seeing the fairly high 21″ top belt guide position made me even more eager to see how it would fit my young Buckeye fans!


Safety 1st Advance EX 65 Air + Review

When our friends at Safety 1st asked us what our readers might think about the idea of a convertible car seat with a 50 pound rear facing weight limit, we were thrilled to pose the question on our Facebook page. The comments were clear — such a seat would be a welcome addition to the marketplace.


Disney Trips and Car Seats

For many of us, there’s nothing more exciting than a trip to Disney World! That magical land offers so much — exciting theme parks, lovely resorts, tasty meals, and, if you’re staying on Disney property, free transportation via bus, boat, or monorail.


Britax Combination Seat Comparison

Britax offers three combination seats: the Pioneer, the Frontier, and the Pinnacle. These seats are forward facing seats that have a harness, but convert to high back boosters as well. We’re often asked what the differences are, so we’ve compiled a comparison for you.