JPMA 2017: Day Three

Disneyland + JPMA= everything that's right and good in the world

Disneyland + JPMA= everything that’s right and good in the world

After another long day and a fun night at Disneyland after the show closed, we felt that day three at the JPMA show might have dawned a little too early!  But we found our way to the exhibit hall to finish the last day of the show before tomorrow’s public version of the show begins.

JPMA Facebook live with Dorel

JPMA Facebook live with Dorel

After our appointments were finished, we stopped by some booths to do a little Facebook live action. We had so much fun doing that, we didn’t realize that the show had closed at 1 pm until it was actually 1:15 pm. Thanks to all of the kind folks who didn’t kick us out of the exhibit hall!

JPMA packing up

JPMA packing up

We couldn’t figure out why so many exhibitors were starting to pack up, nor were we terribly surprised to see this vehicle seat being loaded into a vehicle.

Today we give you a glimpse of what we saw at a few of our stops.  We will give all the details tomorrow!  Don’t forget to also stop by our Facebook page and check out the videos we took with the manufacturers!