Graco MySize Convertible Seat Review

Graco has four convertible car seats that are essentially the same seat: MySize and Size4Me.  In this review, we’ll take a close look at the MySize but the features and measurements mentioned in this review apply to both seats.

CSFTL Quick Stats

  • Rear facing weight limit: 4-40 pounds
  • Rear facing height range: Until the top of the child’s head is 1″ below the adjuster handle on the headrest
  • Forward facing weight range: 22-65 pounds, up to 49 inches tall (the weight range in some older versions was 20-70 pounds; always follow the limits on your own seat)
  • Forward facing height range: up to 49 inches tall (older versions were 52 inches tall)
  • Lowest harness position: 7 inches (with insert)
  • Highest harness position: 17.5 inches
  • Shell height: 28 inches
  • Expiration: 7 years
  • Lower anchor weight limit: 45 pounds for seats made since fall 2014, 48 pounds for seats made prior to 2/27/2014, 42 pounds for seats made between 2/27/14-September 2014
  • Note: the lower anchor weight limit can vary depending on your seat’s Date of Manufacture, please check the labels on your seat and your manual.


  • No-rethread harness
  • Removable comfort inserts
  • Push button lower anchor connectors
  • Early models had separate lower anchor straps for rear facing and forward facing

Initially, these seats had a 40 inch rear facing height limit, however that limit was revised in August 2012.  The seat include a padded and comfortable-looking infant insert and harness strap pads (which are not shown here to better demonstrate harness position in relation to the shoulders of our minion models.)

The MySize, and Size4Me have a 7 year expiration. With eight harness levels and generous seating depth, these seats will get nearly all kids rear facing to 40 pounds quite easily, then grow with them in forward facing mode until they’re ready for a booster seat.

Contender vs. Size4Me/MySize

Separate lower anchor connectors for rear facing and forward facingOne set of lower anchor connectors. They move between and forward facing modes via the handy bar on the side of the seat.
Graco’s In Right™ lower anchor connectors, which has an easy to use push-button release for quick installationStandard lower anchor connectors
Padded harness strap coversNone
A handle to switch between rear and forward facing.A block that flips to switch between rear and forward facing.  I found this as easy to use as the handle!


Graco My Size 70, Size 4 Me, Fit 4 Me, Contender, ERF, extended rearfacing, convertible car seat, carseat, My Size 70, Graco clone

Graco MySize has an easy to use headrest adjuster button.

No-rethread harness The Graco MySize seats feature Graco’s Simply Safe Adjust™ harness system which is a no-rethread adjustment system for the harness. All one has to do to change the harness level or to make the headrest higher is to lift on the red button and then move it up or down accordingly. This is a great feature to have if you’ve got two or more children who can use this seat.

Graco My Size 70, Size 4 Me, Fit 4 Me, Contender, ERF, extended rearfacing, convertible car seat, carseat, My Size 70, Graco clone

Graco MySize has storage clips for the lower anchor connectors right on the shell.

Premium lower anchor connectors
These seats include the easy to use premium push button release lower anchor connectors.

Graco MySize Recline Angle Indicator

Graco MySize Recline Angle Indicator

Recline angle indicator

There is a ball leveler on the side of the seat to verify that the seat is at the proper recline for rear facing use. Depending on the vehicle seat’s slope, a pool noodle or rolled towel may be required to achieve the proper recline.  The MySize also has a built in cup holder.

Leg room
The MySize doesn’t offer a lot of leg room in rear facing mode, but it is enough for our 3 year old model, who regularly rides in this seat rear facing without complaint.  Leg room isn’t a safety concern, and children with long legs can easily cross them or put them up on the seat.

Graco My Size 70, Size 4 Me, Fit 4 Me, Contender, ERF, extended rearfacing, convertible car seat, carseat, My Size 70, Graco clone

Graco MySize has clear, color coded, labels on the side.

Separate lower anchor connector straps
Early models of these seats included two sets of lower anchor connectors: one set of lower anchor connectors for rear facing and another for forward facing. Newer models are at a slightly lower price point and only have one set of connectors.

Fit to Child

Rear Facing

Graco My Size 70, Size 4 Me, Fit 4 Me, Contender, ERF, extended rearfacing, convertible car seat, carseat, My Size 70, Graco clone

Graco MySize fits the newborn-sized bear


Bear Minion has a 7″ torso, which is around the size of an average newborn. He is a little rotund, but fits in this seat beautifully with the infant insert. The bottom insert is only required until the child can reach the bottom harness position without them and the insert by Bear’s head is not required at all and can be removed at any time. When the child Bear is on the first harness adjustment setting, he needs the insert, which will also be the case for most newborns since the harness has to be at or below the shoulders for rear facing.

3 Months Old

Graco MySize 3 months old

Graco MySize 3 months old

Our 3 month old model is seen here with all of the padding in the seat.  He’s got plenty of room to grow and found the seat comfortable for the entire time he used it!


Graco MySize 3 years old

Graco MySize 3 years old

This kiddo was 3.5 years old at the time he posed for this picture.  He weighed 35 pounds and was 41 inches tall.  He fit well in the seat and still had some room to grow.  This particular kiddo ended up riding in this particular MySize for quite some time (he turned forward facing shortly after this picture was taken, then used the seat in forward facing mode).

Forward Facing

Big Kid

Graco MySize 5 years old

Graco MySize 5 years old

This model is 5 years old, weighs 43 pounds, and is, 45 inches tall.  He’s almost at the top harness position but he’s got a teeny bit of room to grow yet.

Important Information: Where to Find

Graco Contender's FAA Approval label is on the back of the seat shell

Graco MySize’s FAA Approval label is on the back of the seat shell

FAA Approval The FAA approval is on a label that’s tucked in the back of she shell of the seat, right behind where many popular travel carts attach to the seat.  This makes it almost impossible to see the label if you’re asked to show it while boarding an airplane.

12249667_10103704903375898_460512083934571452_nExpiration  The MySize seats have 7 year expirations. The date of manufacture label is directly opposite of the FAA approval label.

Manual Storage The manual is stored in a pocket on the back of the seat on the base between the posts of the labels mentioned above.


  • Tall shell with no standing height limit for rear facing
  • Easy to install
  • No re-thread harness
  • Recline for forward facing mode
  • Fits average sized newborns
  • Two crotch buckle positions


  • Some people have had harness tightening and loosening issues, particularly on older models

Overall Thoughts

Installation was very easy in both of our vehicles using either the lower anchors or the vehicle seat belt. I didn’t have to use a pool noodle or rolled towel to adjust the recline of the MySize in either of my vehicles. All of my human minions find the seat to be comfortable and we’ll continue to use it for our 3 year model for a long time since she has so much room to grow in it. The Graco Size4Me and other seats can be found on

Graco My Size 70, Size 4 Me, Fit 4 Me, Contender, ERF, extended rearfacing, convertible car seat, carseat, My Size 70, Graco clone

The Graco MySize is fairly compact in the third row of a Honda Odyssey.

The Graco MySize is a relatively compact seat, which lends itself to installations in smaller vehicles. This is the third row of my Honda Odyssey with the second row captain’s chairs all the way back. It is not touching in this photo; there is space between the vehicle seat and the car seat.

Graco My Size 70, Size 4 Me, Fit 4 Me, Contender, ERF, extended rearfacing, convertible car seat, carseat, My Size 70, Graco clone

Graco MySize fits rear facing in this 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

Here, the MySize is pictured with the headrest fully extended in the back seat of a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am. It fits beautifully, and there is plenty of leg room for the front passenger.

Updated Recall Information

In 2014 Graco recalled millions of child restraints, including some older versions of the MySize. The recall relates to the oval and “signature style” buckles. These buckles can stick or be difficult to open. Graco is replacing this, and other styles of buckles with two different buckle styles. One of these new buckle styles is the square button buckle shown next to the oval button buckle, but there is also a new buckle with a circle button. Read more about the 2014 Graco buckle recall. The recall was expanded to Canada as well.

Graco buckle

This recall included other restraints, several other convertible and combination seats such as the My Ride and Nautilus, and buckles are available directly from Graco. Replacing the buckle and buckle tongues is a very simple process and takes only a few moments. We strongly encourage all owners of the recalled seats to contact Graco and replace the affected buckle styles. One can contact Graco customer service at 800-345-4109 or e-mail [email protected] to order a new buckle.

Although the Graco rear facing only seats were not included in the recalls mentioned above, Graco will send a replacement buckle to those with the recalled buckle styles. Contact Graco to receive a new buckle for  your rear facing only seat.

65 is the New 70

Regulations about the maximum forward facing height limit for child restraints changed in 2014. Child restraints with certain forward facing limits had to fit a larger crash test dummy, the 10 year old dummy, or the restraint needed to have a lower weight limit. Because of this change, some restraints, including the MySize 70 and similar seats, lowered their inital maximum forward facing weight limit to 65 pounds.

At this point, we’d be suprised if there are any of these seats with the 70 lb weight limit still available.

Overall Thoughts

The tall shell on the Graco MySize offers a lot of rear facing room.  At a budget friendly $179 (MSRP) it is also a very affordable car seat. The seat rear faces from 4 to 40 pounds or when the child’s head is 1″ below the adjuster button. It can forward face from 22-65 pounds, and has a standing height limit of 49″ for forward facing. The top harness slots measure 17.5″. It should get pretty much all kids rear facing until 40 pounds, which is the weight of an average 4 year old, and does a good job of getting average kids to booster readiness. Since it can be used from birth for an average newborn, for many children it could be used from birth until a child is ready to use a booster seat.

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Originally written by Laurel, edits maintained by CSFTL.