Tether Anchor Retrofitting

All forward facing harnessed car seats have a top tether.  The top tether is an essential piece of safety equipment and an essential part of protecting children who ride forward facing in their harnessed car seats.

Since the model year 1999, all new cars in the United States and Canada include at least three tether anchors to connect those top tethers. These anchors will be identified in your vehicle’s manual and often with a tether anchor symbol near the tether itself.


Advanced Tether Tips

Top tethers are essential safety equipment for forward facing car seats.  They’re generally easy to find — they’re connected at the back to the top of your child’s convertible, multimode, or combination car seat.

There are two parts to top tether togetherness.  The top tether anchor on the car seat and the tether anchor on the vehicle itself.


Buckle that Empty Booster Seat

We’ve all been there. You’re driving down the road, everything is going fine and then all of a sudden you have to slam on your brakes. While you’re working hard not to hit the car in front of you that stopped so suddenly, your purse on the seat next to you hits the floor, your child’s backpack on the empty vehicle seat next to them hits the back of the driver’s seat, and the stack of mail on the center console goes flying.


Stow That Top Tether Strap!

Don’t leave a tether strap hanging! A tether strap may have a long tail to accommodate anchors that are far from the vehicle seat. Be sure to appropriately bundle and store the excess so it doesn’t get caught hanging outside of the vehicle or create a strangulation hazard for a child.


Three Across Update

Installing three car seats in one row, also known as three across, is one of the biggest challenges a growing family can face when it comes to car seats. The words “three across” might send fear down the spine of any caregiver or CPST, but they don’t have to!


A Chemist’s Guide to Car Seats

Sucrose, glutamic acid, isoleucine, arginine, oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, phytosterols, ethyl ethanoate, 3-methylbutyraldehyde, pentanal, methyl butyrate, octene, hexanal, styrene, nonane, non-1-ene, benzaldehyde, butylated hydroxytoluene, and methyl paraben. Would you give a product containing these ingredients to your child?