Chicco GoFit Review

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chicco-gofitA wise friend once told me that once your kids reach a certain age, you can never have too many backless boosters. Now that my kids are of that age, it’s absolutely proving true for us. So when I have a chance to review a new backless booster, it’s hard to say no. The Chicco GoFit brings a consistent belt fit, a plush, lovely cover, plus many ease of use and comfort features to my back seat, and it’s narrow enough to work in some three across situations. Allow me to show you what the GoFit has to offer!

CSFTL Quick Stats

  • Backless booster weight range: 40-110 pounds
  • Backless booster height range: 38-57 inches tall
  • Expiration: 8 years from date of manufacture
  • 2015 IIHS Best Bet


  • Plush cover
  • Flexible cupholders (Chicco calls them cupfolders) to accommodate other passengers


  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Depth of seat pan: 14″
  • Interior hip room at narrowest point: 11″
  • Widest exterior measurement on base:  16 inches at the seat bight, 17 inches at the front with the cupholders (Chicco calls them cupfolders) folded, 19 inches with the cupholders unfolded

Carpooling Essentials

  • Easy to set up without (very much or any) adult assistance
  • Easy to carry
  • Consistent belt fit

Chicco GoFit Plus

The GoFit has a sibling — the GoFit Plus. This backless booster seat has everything that the GoFit has (plush fabric, cupfolders, and that big handle that’s easy for our carpooler to carry herself), but it adds some lightweight lower anchor connectors with a bonus, super unique release system. Lower anchors on a booster seat stabilize the seat and prevent the booster from becoming a projectile risk in the vehicle when the booster is unoccupied.

Chicco GoFit Plus' fantastic lower anchor release mechanism

Chicco GoFit Plus’ fantastic lower anchor release mechanism

To “install” the GoFit Plus on the vehicle seat, simply attach these lightweight lower anchor connectors that Chicco custom made for the GoFit Plus to the vehicle’s lower anchors and pull the strap on the front of the seat.  My 9 year old kiddo is able to do this herself!

Chicco GoFit Plus’ fantastic lower anchor release mechanism

The uninstallation is where things get interesting – simply grasp the lower anchor release handle at the front and pull it forward. The anchors will loosen first and then detach from the vehicle anchors in one smooth motion. The GoFit Plus could be a great carpool option for big kids who don’t like climbing into a sliding booster seat.

Our family includes a teenager who has a number of friends who seem to need rides while my booster rider isn’t with us.  I cannot quite explain how nice it is to install and remove the seat with one hand while holding my morning coffee in the other.


The GoFit in this review arrived fully assembled.  However, the manual includes installation instructions.  Should your GoFit arrive unassembled, follow the instructions in the manual to assemble the seat.

Shoulder Belt Guide Adjuster

A shoulder belt guide adjuster is cleverly attached to the bottom of the seat so it’s impossible to lose it!  This handy device can help improve the shoulder belt fit, moving the shoulder portion of the vehicle seat belt to the correct location across the center of the child’s shoulder.

Tight Situations

The GoFit is advertised as a great option for carpools. We wasted no time in putting that assertion to work! We had a Safe Traffic Systems Delighter, a child who passed the Five Step Test, and the GoFit in the back of my not particularly wide 2016 VW GTI. With the cupholders turned in, the GoFit offered every kiddo in that back row a comfortable ride!


The GoFit allows for 2 inches of overhang off of the side of the vehicle seat.   This means it’s a solid option for three across situations.


Chicco GoFit on the go: child standing in driveway next to black sedan holding GoFit booster by the handle

Chicco GoFit on the go!

The handle on the back of the GoFit is easy to access for both of my kiddos.  They’re able to carry the seat around with ease. It didn’t take long for the GoFit to become our default option for carpools since both of my kiddos were able to carry the seat and get themselves set up properly without help.

When they head off with the GoFit in hand, I am confident that they will have a consistent belt fit without very much effort, even if I’m not there to check their work when they buckle themselves in.  That gives me such peace of mind.


Chicco GoFit cupholder release

Chicco GoFit cupholder release

Most of the time, cupholders don’t get their own heading but these are pretty unique.  When they’re fully extended, the GoFit is 19 inches wide — not a great option for 3 car seats across.  However, these cupholders fold in, earning them the name cupfolders (name provided by Chicco).  They also come out of the seat for easy washing and can go in the dishwasher.

To remove the cupholder, flip the GoFit over and reach into the little dent in at each corner. Press in on the release button on the bottom of the seat, then slide the cupholder up out of the seat.

Seat Belt Access

Chicco GoFit buckle access

Chicco GoFit buckle access

Unlike some boosters that are more square, the GoFit has a convenient indentation at the  back of the seat.  This ergonomic gap makes it easier for young riders to access even the most recessed of buckle stalks and buckle themselves in without issue.

I know this sounds like a small thing but it’s a big issue for us.  My car’s buckle stalks are flush with the vehicle seat.  That means the kids have to reach pretty far underneath their boosters to buckle themselves in.  The GoFit’s shape adds an additional level of ease of use and contributes to my peace of mind — when my kids take the GoFit off on a carpool trip, I know that they’re able to buckle themselves in and have a proper belt fit even and especially when I’m not there to check!

Fit to Child

7 Years Old

Chicco GoFit: 7 years old

Chicco GoFit: 7 years old

This model is 7 years old. She’s 50 inches tall and wears a size 8 clothes. The GoFit fit her well and she had no issues buckling herself in. The GoFit placed the seat belt fit in the correct locations over her hips and across the middle of her shoulder.

Her favorite part is the cupholders — she loved being able to peek into her cups while we drove. Most of the time, she rides in a high backed booster, so she needed some reminders to sit properly in the GoFit but over time, she needed fewer reminders.

10 Years Old

Chicco GoFit: 10 years old

Chicco GoFit: 10 years old

Our 10 year old model is 57 inches tall and wears size 10 clothing.  She passes the Five Step Test in some seating positions in some vehicles, but still needs a booster for proper belt fit in some cars. She’s at the very top of end of the GoFit’s height range.

The GoFit fit her well and quickly became a fan favorite for this very seasoned booster evaluator.  She especially liked using the handle to carry it around.  Like her sister, she was also fond of the cupholders.

Important Information: Where to Find

Chicco GoFit labels

Chicco GoFit labels

Date of Manufacture label: This label is found on the bottom of the seat. The GoFit expires 8 years from the manufacture date.
Manual Storage: The manual stores in a handy compartment on the bottom of the seat so it’s always available.
FAA Approval: Like all booster seats, the GoFit is not approved for use on aircraft. We do think it would be a great travel option — just put it in the overhead bin during the flight and it’s ready for use when you arrive! The seat doesn’t mention aircraft on any of the labels.

Overall Thoughts

When it comes to backless boosters, the GoFit has a lot to offer. The belt path is open enough that my models had zero issues with buckling themselves in. It’s flexible enough to work in some tight situations, and padded enough that even my most discerning model found it comfortable.  It’s a terrific, kid-friendly carpooling option that offers a consistent belt fit so parents can feel confident that their kids are riding safely no matter whose vehicle they’re riding in!