Cosco/Safety 1st Convertible Car Seat Comparison Chart

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Our friends at Safety 1st/Cosco/Dorel have changed the game when it comes to the forward facing minimum age: all of their car seats now require children to be at least 2 years old to ride forward facing. They’ve ushered in this change with a slew of exciting new car seats that cover a range of features and price points. Here’s a guide to some of the key differences between them.


Cosco Convertible Car Seat Stat Chart

Seat NameContinuumGrow & GoEasyFitGuideApt50Comfy ConvertibleEasy Elite
Rear facing weight range:5-40 lbs5-40 lbs5-40 lbs5-40 lbs5-40 lbs5-40 lbs5-40 lbs
Rear facing height range:19-40″19-40″19-40″19-40″
19-40″19-40″19-40″ or head even with the top of the shell
Forward facing weight range:22-50 lbs22-65 lbs22-65 lbs22-65 lbs22-50 lbs22-50 lbs22-50 lbs
Forward facing height range:29-45″29-49″29-52″29-52″ (older versions have a 34″ minimum)29-43″29-43″up to 45″
Shell height:26″26″24″24″24″24″26″
Lowest harness position:6″ with insert6″ with insert5″9″5″5″10″
Highest harness position:16.5″16.5″16.5″17″16″16″16.75″
Expiration:10 years10 yearsVaries: most are 8 yearsVaries: 6, 8, and 10 year expiration dates. Check your seat for a specific date.8 yearsDecember of the 8th year after manufactureDecember of the 10th year after manufacture
Lower anchor weight limit:50 lbs40 lbs40 lbs Date of manufacture before 2/2014 – 65 lbs or vehicle manufacturer’s limit; Date of manufacture 2/2014 or after – child weight 40 lbs or vehicle manufacturer’s limit50 lbs50 lbs40 lbs
Additional Features1 cup holderHigh back booster mode weight range: 40-100 lbs

Air/Sport have no antennae-style harness adjusters

The Grow and Go Sport has 1 cupholder

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High back booster mode weight range: 40-80lbs

Extra plush cover and insertsWalmart Exclusive