Dream on Me Coupe Review

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The Dream on Me Coupe backless booster has lots of great qualities and will appeal to many families for different reasons. This booster is affordable, narrow and comes in subtle colors. Do your not-so Littles often ride with other drivers? Do you often transport other booster age children in your vehicle and need spares? Are you working with a tight space and need to have three seats side by side? The Dream on Me may be right for you.

Dream on Me Coupe Booster

Dream on Me Coupe Booster

CSFTL Quick Stats

  • Weight range: 30-100 lbs,
  • Height range: 34-57″
  • Expiration: 6 years


For shorter trips, a 6+ age rating would be appropriate if the child can remain upright even while sleeping. We generally recommend using a high back booster until the back has been outgrown as it does often position the seat belt better on small children and the back helps draw limits for children who aren’t used to the freedom a backless booster brings. Unlike some backless boosters, the Dream on Me does not come with a seat belt adjuster to help the shoulder belt fit. For some smaller children this means it would be best to hold off on using this seat until the child is a bit bigger and the shoulder belt fits properly without an adjuster. Like all backless boosters, the Dream on Me requires head support up to the top of the child’s ears.

dreamonmeoliviaFit to Child

This model is 6.5 years old, 55 lbs., and 48″ tall. She doesn’t use a backless booster full-time but does well in one as a spare when traveling with other people. The Dream on Me provides a proper belt fit on her and is light enough for her to carry to school or a friend’s house if needed. It’s also very narrow so helpful when riding with other children next to her.

Dream on Me booster- Ilana, 8.75 years, 54 inches

Dream on Me Coupe booster – 8.75 years, 54 inches

This model is almost 9, 54″ tall, and wears a 12/14. She fits well in the Dream on Me booster. She’s still just a few inches short of being able to safely pass the five step test and her bones are not mature enough yet to withstand crash forces on their own. Even though it doesn’t come with a belt adjuster, she’s plenty tall enough to not need one to keep the belt properly positioned across her collar bone. The Dream on Me is a more narrow booster but still fits her well and still allows her to route the lap and shoulder belt properly under the armrests. It even comes with arrows to show where the lap belt should go.


Dream on Me Coupe booster has arrows to show where the lap belt needs to be threaded through.

Dream on Me booster- Evan, 10.75 years, 55 inches, and 65 pounds

Dream on Me Coupe booster – 10.75 years, 53 inches, and 65 pounds

This guy is 10.75 years old, 53″ tall, and 65 lbs. He too is still a few inches away from being able to safely ride without a booster. The Dream on Me also provides a proper belt fit on him with the shoulder belt across his collar bone and lap belt low on his lap. The Dream on Me is also narrow and light weight enough that it makes carpooling or traveling with it easier.

Important Information: Where to Find


Manual Storage: The Dream on Me comes with a super handy pocket on the child’s right side to store the manual in. If kiddo can’t leave it alone, storing it under the cover it always another option.

Expiration: The Dream on Me has a six year expiration, so this seat manufactured in 2014 with expire in 2020. The date of manufacture is found clearly on the back of the seat on a small, white sticker.

FAA approval:  As this seat requires a lap/shoulder belt, it cannot be FAA approved. However, as small and light weight as this seat is, it would be easy to carry on the airplane to use at the final destination.


The most important part of using a booster seat is that the child is mature enough to sit properly for the entire ride and that the belt fits properly. A good booster fit positions the shoulder belt even across the torso – not sliding off the shoulder or cutting into the face; the lap belt should be lying low on the hips, touching the tops of the thighs.


If the Dream on Me Coupe looks like a good choice for your not so Littles, you can find the Coupe booster at Amazon.com for under $20.