BeSafe iZi Go X1 recall

BeSafe iZi Go X1 serial numbers for recall

BeSafe has issued a recall for their BeSafe iZi Go X1 infant seat when used in conjunction with the ISOFIX base. The seat is safe if used with a baseless vehicle seat belt installation.

Affected Seats

iZi Go X1 infant seats with serial numbers between ZG0247548 and ZG(0)270529 are affected. The ISOFIX base itself is not affected.

The Issue

According to BeSafe:

BeSafe is issuing a recall to repair based on a potential safety issue with a component in the seat BeSafe iZi Go X1. The performance of the seat did not meet our standards in our routine testing. This was the case only in the most extreme setting of the several tests we regularly perform. BeSafe have not received any reports about incidents or accidents related to this.

The issue is caused by a small tolerance change in a modified component involved in connecting the seat to the ISOfix base. This component was modified in late 2017, but regular routine tests conducted after the modification showed no issues, only the most recent test conducted in February 2020 did. BeSafe could therefore narrow down the window of affected seats to after the previous test with no issues. However, as BeSafe’s own safety and product quality standards are extremely high, they have chosen to go beyond what is required and to recall all seats that contain the modified component. Since BeSafe have clearly identified the cause of the issue, they have developed a repair solution which eliminates the safety risk. BeSafe have thoroughly crash-tested the repair solution to ensure that the repair solution makes the seat 100% safe to use.


Starting on the 16th of March, 2020, affected caregivers can take their seats to selected BeSafe retailers for a 10-minute fix. Until then, do not use the ISOFIX base — instead, install the seat with the vehicle seat belt.

Recently Purchased Seats

Seats sold after 9 March 2020 should have a Check 2020 sticker

Seats sold after 9 March 2020 should have a Check 2020 sticker

Caregivers who purchased a BeSafe iZi Go X1 that was manufactured on 9 March 2020 or later, verify that the seat has a “Check 2020” sticker next to the serial number sticker.

Full Text of BeSafe’s Recall Notice