Graco Extend2Fit Canada – 2021 Update

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Graco Extend2Fit Review — Canada

Graco Extend2Fit -- now in Canada!

Graco Extend2Fit — now in Canada!

Graco Extend2Fit — now in Canada!

The much-loved Graco Extend2Fit convertible car seat has made its way to Canada. While we are still very big fans of this seat and its versatility, there are some major changes between the Canadian and American versions. We’ll use this review to illustrate the differences, most of which are around rear facing use.

CSFTL Quick Stats

  • Rear facing weight range: 4-50 pounds
  • Rear facing height range: 18 inches up to 1 inch below the adjuster handle when fully extended (not to exceed 49 inches)
  • Forward facing weight range: 22-65 pounds
  • Forward facing height range: 27-49 inches
  • Expiration: 10 years
  • Lower anchor weight limit: 45 pounds in both rear facing and forward facing modes


  • No rethread harness
  • Premium Lower anchor connectors


  • Lowest harness position: 7 inches with insert
  • Highest harness position: 17.5 inches
  • Shell height: 28 inches tall with headrest fully extended
  • Width at widest point (cupholders): 19.75 inches
  • Seat weight: 18 pounds

Clear Labels

Graco Extend2Fit labels

Graco Extend2Fit labels

Graco has stepped up their game when it comes to labeling and the Canadian Extend2Fit is no exception!

The seat labels are colour coded with blue labels addressing the rear facing use and orange labels addressing the forward facing use.  They clearly indicate the recline options, overhang allowance, as well as the recline and panel use requirements. There’s a warning label on the side of the seat that includes the requirement for the cupholders to be installed at all times.

The overhang limit is clearly marked on the seat for both rear and forward facing. This was helpful when we tried to install the Extend2Fit in an upright position rear facing.  When the panel is fully extended, this overhang limit makes it impossible to install the seat as upright as the recline indicator allows in most vehicles. Reclining the Extend2Fit creates a larger contact area between the car seat and the vehicle seat.  Installing the seat more upright creates more overhang. Keep an eye on the overhang limit when installing this seat in small spaces to ensure enough of the Extend2Fit’s base is supported.

Recline Options

Graco Extend2Fit recline positions

Graco Extend2Fit recline positions

Graco Extend2Fit recline positions

The Extend2Fit has six recline positions. Reclines 1, 2, and 3 are for use rear facing and reclines 4, 5, and 6 are for use forward facing.

There are no restrictions on which recline positions can be used forward facing, as long as either 4, 5, or 6 are used.  This allows families to use any one of the three recline angle positions that’s the most comfortable for the child and installs well in each particular vehicle.

Rear Facing Recline Positions and Panel Rules for Canada – Updated March 2021

Extend2Fit Panel Rules

As of March 2021, the Extend2Fit in Canada has no panel restrictions when rear facing. Yes, you read that correctly – Graco has updated the Canadian Extend2Fit to retroactively allow rear facing installation with lower anchors or a lap/shoulder seatbelt without the panel in use! The panel may be completely stored or used in positions 2, 3, or 4. When rear facing with the lower anchors or a lap/shoulder belt, reclines 1, 2, and 3 may be used (as long as the ball is fully within the blue recline range). Graco has updated the product description here, and indicated that Extend2Fit owners can contact Graco directly for an updated manual.

If installing with a lap-only belt, the panel must be in position 4 (fully extended) and the seat must be on recline 2.

Extend2Fit Platinum Panel Rules

Children who weigh less than 22 pounds:

  • The seat must be installed rear facing
  • Recline positions 1, 2, and 3 may be used
  • Panel positions 1, 2, 3, and 4 may be used

Children who weigh between 22 and 40 pounds:

  • Reclines 1, 2, and 3 may be used
  • Panel positions 3 or 4 must be used

Children who weigh over 40 pounds:

  • Recline position 3 MUST be used
  • Panel must be in position 4 (most extended)
Graco Extend2Fit warning label

Graco Extend2Fit warning label

There’s a very clear orange label that says DO NOT USE the leg extender Forward Facing.


Graco Extend2fit rear facing recline indicator

Graco Extend2fit rear facing recline indicator

Extend2fit rear facing recline indicator

The Extend2Fit has a recline indicator on the side of the seat. The ball must be fully contained within the blue at all times rear facing, and fully within the light blue for babies under 3 months old.

The harness, crotch buckle webbing, and chest clip are all standard-issue Graco hardware. Buckling in all of the dolls and my daughter was very easy, as expected. The straps did not easily twist, even moving them around as much as I did for all of these sizes. The headrest adjusted easily through all ten positions, though the flap that lifts as the headrest goes up did get caught under the cover every time I moved it back down. This was quite annoying for me, but most caregivers will not be adjusting the headrest 20+ times a day, so I don’t see it being a large problem.

The inserts that came with the seat are thick and easy to use at the head and under the bum. They both do a good job of supporting a child. The insert under the bum must be removed forward facing, but the insert behind the head can stay in through the life of the seat. If you have a child who appreciates more head support, or a forward facing child with low tone, these may be very beneficial.

Graco Extend2fit grip on the inside of the shoulder strap pads.

Graco Extend2fit grip on the inside of the shoulder strap pads.

The seat has optional strap covers that have a grippy material on the inside.

There are two crotch buckle strap positions. Either can be used rear and forward facing, and Graco requires using the closest slot without the slot being underneath the child. For most of the children we tried in this seat the inner slot was a very nice fit rear facing. Forward facing the outer position worked well for them. Tip: when changing the buckle position, recline the seat AND pull out the extender fully to access the buckle strap. It’ll make life much easier.

Graco Extend2fit setup

The cupholders come detached, and MUST be added to the seat.

The Extend2Fit includes two cupholders.  Both cupholders must be attached to the seat.  They click in with ease provided they are in the correct direction. They simply won’t fit another way, so it’s not hard to do.

Buckle Pockets

Graco Extend2Fit buckle holders

Graco Extend2Fit buckle holders

The Extend2Fit includes the Fuss Free pockets for buckle storage when the seat is not in use. That means you don’t need to dig around by your child’s hips searching for the buckle tongue every time you get them in or out.

EZ-Tight UAS – only on the Extend2Fit Platinum

Extend2Fit Platinum EZ Tight LUAS

Extend2Fit Platinum EZ Tight LUAS

Graco’s SnugLock technology already makes installing some of their seats (though not the Extend2Fit) with the vehicle seat belt a breeze.  Graco has now released their EZ-Tight UAS to make LUAS installation a breeze as well. The first seat to feature the EZ Tight UAS is the Graco Extend2Fit Platinum.

To use the EZ-Tight UAS – route the lower anchor webbing through the correct belt path. Press and hold the release button (labelled with a ‘1’) and extend the webbing. Attach the lower anchor connectors to the vehicle’s anchors, ensuring there are no twists in the webbing. When both anchors are attached, press the button labelled ‘2’ on the EZ-Tight UAS and the excess webbing will retract. Push down firmly on the child restraint and release. Check that there is less than 1” movement at the belt path and, if rear facing, that the recline is within the allowable range. You’re done!

Installation — Rear Facing

Graco Extend2Fit in a 1999 Volkswagen Beetle

Graco Extend2Fit in a 1999 Volkswagen Beetle

Because the Canadian version of the Extend2Fit only allows the use of recline positions 1, 2, and 3 for rear facing installations, there was initially some concern about how compact this seat would be especially for older or heavier children who require the panel to be fully extended.



Graco Extend2Fit in a 2007 Odyssey as upright as allowed while leaving 80% of the base supported

Graco Extend2Fit in a 2007 Odyssey as upright as allowed while leaving 80% of the base supported

We installed the Extend2Fit rear facing in a number of vehicles that featured various front to back space, including this 1999 Volkswagen Beetle.  Here the Extend2Fit is in recline position 3 with the panel in position 4. We were unable to install the seat as upright as allowed by the recline indicator with the panel extended without exceeding the allowable overhang of the seat. We were able to install it behind the passenger seat with the passenger seat pushed up and locked into position.

It is unlikely that an adult would have been able to comfortably travel in the front passenger seat with this setup, but the seat fit well and would have allowed a child to ride rear facing for a very long time in this small car.



Graco Extend2Fit Canada - 2016 Toyota Corolla

Graco Extend2Fit Canada – 2016 Toyota Corolla

With the panel restrictions being removed, we tried installing the Extend2Fit in some smaller vehicles to check the fit. Here we see the Extend2Fit on recline 3, panel fully stored (position 1) in a 2016 Toyota Corolla and are quite impressed that the front seat is able to be all the way back!

Graco Extend2Fit Canada - 2013 Ford Flex

Graco Extend2Fit Canada – 2009 Chevrolet Silverado

Here we see the Extend2Fit with the panel stored and on recline 3 in a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado. While we know that this is a fairly large truck, we are still impressed with how little space the Extend2Fit needs here.

Manual manipulation — pressing down in a slightly different place on the seat’s shell while removing slack from the vehicle seat belt or lower anchors creates a wide range of acceptable recline options.  Here are some typical ways to adjust the car seat’s angle on car seats like the Extend2Fit that allow for a more upright rear facing installation:

  • For a more upright installation, apply pressure on the front of the seat pan and pull the base of the child restraint slightly away from the vehicle’s seat back while tightening the lower anchors or seat belt.
  • For a more reclined rear facing installation, apply pressure on the upper shell of the child restraint and push the car seat’s base toward the vehicle seat back while tightening the lower anchors or seat belt.

Even with the weight-based recline and panel requirements, the Extend2Fit still installs nicely with a wide recline range.

Fit to Child

Rear Facing


Graco Extend2Fit newborn recline

Graco Extend2Fit newborn recline

This Extend2Fit is set up for a newborn.  It’s in recline position 1 with the panel in position 1 installed in a 2007 Odyssey. We were very impressed by how compact the Extend2Fit was when installed in this vehicle without the panel extended, even at the newborn recline. The front passenger seat is as far back as it can be positioned, and there are about 4 inches between the Extend2Fit and the passenger seat.

Newborn Head Slump

Like so many other car seats with a no rethread harness, we found some potential for head slump in the smallest of passengers.  We’d encourage caregivers to try every allowable adjustment to get a proper harness fit on newborns and preemies.  This can include:

  • Removing the head padding
  • Removing the body padding (provided the harness is below the shoulders without it)
  • Adding a rolled washcloth between the child’s legs and the crotch buckle

Sometimes even a week of growth can make a difference, so the fit issues facing a tiny newborn on their first rides in the car may be resolved quickly. In the meantime, protecting those tiny airways is a critical part of how the child fits in their car seat.

Graco Extend2Fit newborn fit

Graco Extend2Fit newborn

The Extend2Fit is marketed as a seat that will fit from birth.  It has a lowest height limit of 18 inches and a lowest weight limit of 4 pounds.  We know that not all seats marketed for newborns and preemies actually fit newborns and preemies, so we put the Extend2Fit to the test with a 7 day old, 18 inch, 5 pound 8 ounce baby.

This little guy needed a rolled washcloth between him and the crotch buckle to prevent him from slumping.  We removed the head cushion to prevent head slump because it pushed his head forward. He is also using the bottom insert.

We were very impressed by the harness fit for this tiny model. We were able to tighten the straps to pass the pinch test, and they were positioned below his shoulders. We did find that we needed to make small adjustments to get him correctly positioned in the seat.


Extend2Fit Platinum - 12 week old

Graco Extend2Fit Platinum – 12 week old

Our second newborn model is 12 weeks old, weighs 8 pounds and is 20 inches long. She achieves an excellent fit in the Extend2Fit Platinum with the head cushion removed and bottom insert used. We were able to position the headrest in the 2nd position for her, as her torso is longer than our previous newborn model

13 Months Old

Graco Extend2Fit Canada - 13 months old

Graco Extend2Fit Canada – 13 months old

Our toddler model is very happy to be riding as upright as possible in her Extend2Fit. She is 29.5 inches tall and weighs 24 pounds and absolutely loves being able to sit upright and look out the window (as you can see by her huge smile!).

3 Years Old

Graco Extend2Fit 3 years old

Graco Extend2Fit – 3 years old

This model is 3 years old, weighs 38 pounds, and is 42 inches tall. She normally rides rear facing, so riding rear facing in the Extend2Fit is nothing new to her. She was very vocal about how much she liked the extender panel (used in position 4), and her cupholders. She has requested that she keep this seat “forever” and we take that as a very good sign.

4 Years Old

Graco Extend2Fit - 4 year old

Graco Extend2Fit – 4 years old

This 4 year old model weighs 41 pounds, and is 44 inches tall. He was willing to try out the Extend2Fit rear facing and give his thoughts. He enjoyed riding backwards and was able to quickly and easily position his legs so that he was comfortable even without the panel extended.. While we are not advocating that 4 year olds need to ride rear facing, we were impressed that this seat makes rear facing a possibility for big kids or littles with medical issues that make rear facing to the maximum a much safer method of transportation.

Extend2Fit Platinum 6 years old 49 pounds and 48 inches

Extend2Fit Platinum – 6 years old 49 pounds and 48 inches

6 Years Old

Believe it or not, our 3 year old model featured above is now 6 years old! She is almost at the rear facing limits, weighing 49 pounds and standing 48 inches tall. While we again don’t advocate that 6 year olds ride rear facing, we DID want to include her in our review to show how the Extend2Fit fits such a wide range of children rear facing – newborn until the stated limits of the seat (which is a such a great feature that it really needs to be highlighted!). She is comfortable rear facing even though she normally rides in a high back booster – and found it fun to ride reclined with her feet up even though we have the panel fully extended for her.

Forward Facing Recline Positions

Extend2Fit Canadian forward facing label

Extend2Fit Canadian forward facing label

There are no forward facing recline restrictions on the Canadian Extend2Fit, aside from using reclines 4, 5, or 6. Remember that the top tether must always be used in Canada. Yes, Graco has included that on a label, too!

Fit to Child

Forward Facing

3 Years Old

Graco Extend2Fit 3 years old forward facing

Graco Extend2Fit 3 years old forward facing

At 3 years old, we’d prefer to see this model ride rear facing.  She was kind enough to show how the seat fits her but she normally rides rear facing.  She weighs 38 pounds and is 42 inches long.  The seat fits her well and she’s got plenty of room to grow.

5 Years Old

Graco Extend2Fit 5 years old forward facing

Graco Extend2Fit 5 years old forward facing

This 5 year old model weighs 48 pounds, and is 46 inches tall. He’s got a little room left to grow in this seat and finds it comfortable.

6 Years Old

Graco Extend2Fit: 6 years old

Graco Extend2Fit 6 years old forward facing

We’ve seen how long-lasting the Extend2Fit can be for children who ride rear facing, but how does it fit forward facing?  Our 6 year old model weighs 45 pounds, and is 46 inches tall. She’s got about a half inch of harness height left above her shoulders.  The Extend2Fit is installed forward facing on recline position 4.

In rear facing mode, this model had the headrest in position eight. In forward facing mode, the same model needed the headrest in the top (10th) position. For very tall lightweight kids, it may be possible to outgrow this seat forward facing before — though not much before — rear facing.

Overall Thoughts

We applaud Graco on not only bringing a seat with high rear facing limits to the Canadian market, but also for making it easy to use and install, and giving it an affordable price point ($350CAD MSRP). The clear labelling makes important information easy to find.

While the Canadian version of the Extend2Fit is not *quite* as compact a seat rear facing as its American cousin, it IS one of the more compact seats available in Canada and remains an excellent seat for tall/heavy littles that will fit in a variety of vehicles.

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