Graco Affix Review

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*This seat has been replaced with the Turbobooster LX* Graco is a master at creating good boosters that are easy to use, well priced, long-lasting and provide an excellent belt fit.  The Affix is a budget friendly option that offers lower anchors and some other nice features. Now that it’s also available in Canada, we’ve revisited the Affix and have a new review to share with you!



Graco Affix

CSFTL Quick Stats

  • High back booster weight range, United States: 30-100 pounds
  • High back booster weight range, Canada: 40-100 pounds
  • High back booster height range, United States: 38-57 inches tall
  • High back booster height range, Canada: 40-57 inches tall
  • Backless booster weight range: 40-100 pounds
  • Backless booster height range: 40-57 inches tall
  • Highest booster guide position : 20 inches
  • Expiration: 10 years
  • Lower Anchor connectors




The Graco Affix comes in two versions.  You can purchase it with the back and remove it once the back is outgrown, or you can purchase it as a backless booster.  Graco requires children to be 3 to use the high back booster, and 4 to use the backless version.  CSFTL recommends that you wait until a minimum of 5 to move a child to a booster and they are mature enough to sit properly the entire trip.



Graco Affix lower anchor connectors

Graco Affix lower anchor connectors


The Affix is an easy to use seat that will fit children of a variety of sizes. The Affix is similar to the Graco Turbobooster in many ways, but also very different. The two main differences are that the Affix does not require you to add the screws into the armrests and the Affix comes with lower anchor connectors.  The benefit of having a booster with lower anchor connectors are it keeps the seat secured while the child is not in it.  This saves the kiddo, or you, from having to remember to buckle the booster in once they get out.  An unsecured booster becomes a heavy projectile in an accident if it’s not occupied.




Assembling the Graco Affix



The high back booster comes unassembled; the base, armrests, cupholder, and back are separate, and you are required to assemble it yourself.  The armrests are straightforward and even labeled left and right.  The back snaps onto the bottom while laying down, and to lock it in, you adjust the back up. Unlike the Turbobooster, the Affix is not prone to “falling apart” when you lift it, making transferring from car to car easy.


Graco Affix cupholder storage

Graco Affix cupholder storage




If you are purchasing the backless version, the cupholder is hidden underneath the seat in a little compartment.  Unlike the TurboBooster, there are no screws to be added to the armrests.






Graco Affix lower anchor adjuster

Graco Affix lower anchor adjuster


The Affix fit nicely in both of our family vehicles. Tightening the lower anchor connector straps is done by pulling on the two straps at the front of the seat.  There is a single strap for each lower anchor connector strap.  The lower anchor connectors on this seat are standard, clip style connectors on flexible webbing straps.  Some boosters feature rigid lower anchor connectors, and as the name suggests, rigid lower anchor connectors are on a fixed bar rather than flexible webbing. In order to use the standard connectors, attach each connector to the vehicle’s lower anchor, then tighten.  As mentioned above, the lower anchor connectors are a convenience feature, they provide no additional protection to the child. Utilizing the lower anchor connectors on a booster prevents you or the child from having to remember to buckle the seat when not in use.


Graco Affix is 18 inches wide

Graco Affix is 18 inches wide




The Affix is not an overly wide seat.  At the widest point with, the Affix measures at 18 inches.  If you pull out the snack holder, it adds 2.5 inches to the width.  At the base at the back of the seat, the Affix measures a mere 16 inches.  The Affix does not require headrest support from the vehicle head restraint behind it when used in high back mode. When using all backless boosters, head support is required to the tops of the child’s ears.





Fit to Child

Graco Affix seat belt guide

Graco Affix seat belt guide


I now have two booster aged kiddos, so it’s nice to be able to see how each of them fits in the seat with their varied size and age.  The first thing I noticed about this seat is the easy to use belt guide.  Once the belt is threaded through, it curls up around to secure the belt in the guide, reducing the likelihood that the belt will come out of the guide.  The guide is also nice and wide, which makes running the belt through the guide easy. Having a wide belt guide also prevents the belt from getting hung up within the guide.


The lowest belt guide position is 15 inches, and the highest position is 20 inches.  The internal width at the hip is 10 inches.  At the thigh area, the width is 15 inches, so it tapers out quite a bit to make it rather roomy.  The length from the front to the back of the seat is 15 inches.  This allows for a lot of leg support for the occupant, and reduces the probability that a child will slide forward in the seat.


Graco Affix- 5 years, 45 inches, and 46 pounds

Graco Affix- 5 years, 45 inches, and 46 pounds


High Back Booster Mode

Our first tester is 5 years old, 45″, and 46lbs.  She is a new booster rider and is unsure about the whole situation yet.  She doesn’t have set views of how she likes her booster seats. When I asked for her opinion of the seat, she said she liked the snack holders. The belt fits her properly, meaning the lap belt is off her abdomen and shoulder belt crosses her collar bone with belt guide above her shoulder.


Graco Affix- 7 years, 50 inches, and 58 pounds

Graco Affix- 7 years, 50 inches, and 56 pounds


Backless Booster Mode

Our second tester is 7 years old, 50 inches tall, and 56lbs.  She’s a very picky booster rider.  It must be cushioned on the butt, easy to buckle, and lots of support in her legs.  She has been the tester of many different boosters, and says that the Affix is her favorite yet.  The lower anchor connectors keep the seat in place, and the wide open belt guide and roomy arm rests make it easy for her to buckle.  She says the padding is ample, and her legs feel “not funny.”  Not funny is 7 year old speak for supported, in case you were wondering. The belt fit is optimal on her in both high back and backless mode. The Affix does come with a seat belt adjuster when used in backless mode, but it was unnecessary to achieve proper belt fit on this tester.

Side Overhang

When this car seat is installed on the plus one or jump seat of a minivan, Graco has confirmed that the entire base must be in contact with the vehicle seat.

Important Information: Where to Find

Graco Affix has a 10 year expiration

Graco Affix has a 10 year expiration

FAA Approval  Like all boosters, the Graco Affix requires a lap/shoulder belt to use, so therefore is not FAA approved. The base is light enough though that carrying it on board to use at your destination would be fairly easy.


Expiration  The Affix expires 10 years from the date of manufacture.  The sticker with the model number and date of manufacture is on the bottom, right by the compartment that is used to be stored the cupholder.  The expiration information is at the top of the bottom of the seat.


Manual Storage  There is a storage spot on the bottom of the Affix to keep the manual stored when not needed.



  • Easy to adjust
  • Lightweight
  • Has lower anchors


  • Width/size make it a less viable option for 3-across situations than some other boosters


Overall Thoughts

AffixThe Affix is a fantastic, easy to use booster.  It provides a fantastic belt fit on a variety of children.  At the time this was written ,it had been in use constantly for nearly two months.  This booster ticks off many of our boxes on the must have lists for my picky booster rider.  It has quickly become a favorite in our house.

As always, the thoughts and opinions in this review are that of the reviewer.  We were not compensated for this review.  Graco did not provide this seat for review.


Originally written by Kim Robinson. Edits maintained by CSFTL.