Secure Their Future — CPS Week 2016

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2016)
SecureTheirFutureWhen children come into our lives, their future is a wonderful, terrifying unknown. As they grow from tiny babies to small delightful people we might have more of an idea what that future can hold, but we don’t stop imagining it. Imagining that future and all that it might be as they grow is one of the things that makes us different from who we were before we had kids.

Riding in the car is the most dangerous activity our children do every day: when we make the right choice for keeping our children restrained in the car we protect their future. And like that future, proper restraint changes as our children grow, but it never gets less important.

Secure Their Future — Car Seats and Beyond

#SecureHerFutureThe theme for this year’s Child Passenger Safety Week is #securetheirfuture. We’ll also be using the hashtags #securehisfuture and #secureherfuture during the week.

For us, securing their future means waiting as long as possible to move your child to the next stage in car seats.  For infants and toddlers, that means staying rear facing until close to their 4th birthday.  It means a forward facing child stays in a harnessed seat until at least their 5th birthday.  It means that same child rides in a booster seat until they’re pretty darn big — usually 10-12 years old.

Kids need different restraints at different times in their lives, and different restraints in different vehicles. That’s all part of finding the Right Seat, which was last year’s theme. Part of securing their future is making sure that they are in the right seat for their age and size in every vehicle: with grandma, with friends, even in the school bus and on the airplane.  This concept doesn’t just apply to children — teen drivers and adults need to stay safe in vehicles, too.  So we’ll be talking about ways teens and adults alike can stay safe, too!

Join the Discussion

SecureTheirFutureBy using  the hashtag #securetheirfuture along with the hashtags #securehisfuture and #secureherfuture, caregivers, CPSTs, and Child Passenger Safety Advocates can start a discussion about the importance of choosing the proper car seat or booster for every child and every ride. #securetheirfuture can be used anywhere on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and beyond.

This week we’ll be highlighting some of the different ways we #securetheirfuture as our children grow and how we can help you #securetheirfuture. At CSFTL, our team knows how complicated– and sometimes scary!— a task this is. We are passionate about helping parents get the best information to choose the right seat as their kids grow, so ask us for help, it’s what we love to do. And for CPS week we’ve got articles, reviews and giveaways, so stay tuned!

Sorry, Whitney

SecureTheirFutureAt CSFTL we believe that children are the future. When we #securetheirfuture, we teach them well and let them lead the way. We show them all the beauty they possess inside.

We also believe that we probably owe Whitney Houston an apology.